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Stick Racing - The Game

Poohsticks on your Wii (so to speak)
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Do you live distressingly far from a river? Are you allergic to sticks or daylight? Do you have no friends, imaginary or otherwise? If so, you need suffer no longer - all the fun of stick racing is now available on your games console!

Stick Racing - The Game has three game stages, each offering distinct challenges:

Pre-Race: Begin by choosing your stick. In beginner mode, you simply choose one from several choices. In advanced mode, you control your character, searching the riverbank for a stick of suitable size and shape, and then streamlining it by snapping off any extraneous twigs.

Race Time! When the whistle goes, throw your stick into the river. Then, the excitement truly begins, as you sit back for five minutes or so, watching your sticks float along the river, seeing whose stick reaches the finish first.

Want even more excitement? In hyper-interactive mode, you can shape the race to your advantage by such tactics as:

* Throwing other sticks or pebbles to dislodge your stick from obstacles
* Throwing bread to try to tempt ducks to swim in the way of your opponents' sticks
* Throwing your opponent in the river

Post-Race: View the race highlights and your win-loss stats, or visit the Hall of Fame, where your fastest and most successful sticks are rendered in glorious 3-D.

Other Game Modes:

* League Mode - compete in League Mode across a variety of rivers and weather conditions to try to win the Stick Racing Championship
* Poohsticks Mode - if you just want a quick buzz rather than the extended ecstasy of a full race, you can play in Poohsticks Mode (drop your sticks on the upstream side of the bridge, and the first stick to appear on the other side of the bridge is the winner)
* Online mode - when you tire of beating your family, you can even play online against other keen Stick Racers. * Gambling Mode - you can bet on which sticks will win each race: see if you can win everyone else's pocket money!

So what are you waiting for? Go on - stick it to them!

imaginality, Mar 16 2008

Poohsticks http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poohsticks
There's a world championship [imaginality, Mar 16 2008]

Poohsticks excerpt http://www.theencha....com/poohsticks.htm
The bit from Winnie the Pooh [imaginality, Mar 16 2008]


       Excellent! This is a really well-developed idea - not just 'make a computer game of poohsticks hur hur', but everything from the all-important stick finding onwards. Maybe there's a market for nostalgic childhood games of all kinds - this could be bundled with fort-building (pillows in the lounge or trees in the woods), kite-flying, pillow-fighting, conkers, marbles, and so forth - a wii sports for the sentimentally inclined! [+] hot cross bun and a glass of milk for you.
navel-gazer, Mar 16 2008


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