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The Computer Aquatic

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Create an underwater appearance on your computer monitor by smearing Vaseline or other type of clear lubricant across the front. Pour a good handful of sand across the keyboard, with a shell or fish here and there to complete the scene.

If co-workers question you, tell them in a stern voice that the sea is the last unexplored territory and continue typing.

benfrost, Mar 25 2005

Vaseline unnecessary. http://www.overclockers.com/tips1098/
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 25 2005]

Try this http://www.ahajokes.com/dl/water.zip
This creates a nice underwater screen. Your cursor becomes a fish. [DesertFox, Mar 25 2005]

Aqua Mouse Pond_20Mouse
You're soaking in it. [jaksplat, Mar 25 2005]

No one fucks with THE LAW [AfroAssault, Mar 26 2005]


       Last night, I stared at the pool for about a half hour. It was dark out, and the lights in the pool were on. I was watching the light bounce around the waves from the jets underwater; very soothing. I came inside and decided to check the HB, and my mind continued to see everything on the screen as though it was underwater. Now I see this.

I think the agency is finally on to me.
AfroAssault, Mar 25 2005

       “Nice desktop theme, ben.”
“It’s not a theme, I’m using the c-shell.”
Shz, Mar 25 2005

       shell speakers.
po, Mar 25 2005

       Sand on the keyboard? How long are you expecting to use this setup...?
DrCurry, Mar 25 2005

       [Shz] - bad. Very bad.   

       [benfrost] - for maximal effects, wear a string bikini as well.
Detly, Mar 25 2005

       I think there's an alpha icon onscreen. Hard to tell, they keep moving about.
reensure, Mar 25 2005

       When I use my computer underwater, the effect that things look larger and closer comes in very handy. I can use smaller fonts, and my old 15" monitor looks like a 21".
normzone, Mar 25 2005

       [Detly] - don't suggest things like that to Ben. He may just take your advice.
wagster, Mar 25 2005

       <benfrost in a bikini> SHUDDER!
DesertFox, Mar 25 2005

       you should see me without the bikini
benfrost, Mar 26 2005

       You could get a rippling effect by suspending some magnets near your monitor on bits of twine, and setting them swinging.
Detly, Mar 26 2005

       < I came inside and decided to check the HB,>, [AfroAssault], you suggest you might also have decided NOT to check the halfbakery? Like you had a choice in the matter? Keep dreaming. Don't believe it. The agency is deeper than you think.
zeno, Mar 26 2005

       Yes, the agency runs deep. They're involved with THE LAW.
AfroAssault, Mar 26 2005

       the agency no doubt controls THE POOL.
benfrost, Mar 26 2005

       I lost my biscuts and I feel so bad
I guess my ideas aren't fun
normzone, Mar 26 2005


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