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Survival evacuation management simulation

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This can be either an Real Time Tactics or First Person Shooter style game

You will have to deal with managing panic amongst victims, and also maintain some ethical standards along the way.

As the coordinator, you may encounter official decisions. For example, you may have to shoot a person to stop a crowd from stampeding and flooding the escape raft.

At the end of the scenario, your score will be tallied up. Depending on your performance rank, the debriefing report and newspaper clipping will display different text. E.g. You may be jailed for shooting too many survivors, even if you saved many others.

It will involve these scenario

Orderly evacuation of a cruise ship:

1. Easy mode: Escape drill training. Enough boat. Rescue ship right nearby.

2. Medium mode: Ship sinking, but slowly. Rescue ships arriving soon enough.

3. Hard mode: Ship sinking fast, panicking passengers. Rescue arriving late.

4. Hardcore mode: Ship sinking fast, some panicking passengers have guns. Possible mutiny amongst staffs who don't care about duty to other survivors. Rescue ships might not arrive at all.

Evacuation of victims during a genocide: etc...

Evacuation of a hospital during a zombie invasion: etc...

Evacuation of cute fluffy baby penguins from an invasion of fur seals: etc...

mofosyne, Aug 22 2012

http://seriousgames...ise-ship-crews.html [mofosyne, Sep 30 2015]


       It would be a fun video game, but it would do nothing to help in actual survival situations. Are you going to be more likely to shoot people trying to get onto your raft when you know that you may get a lower score for it, or when you think you might die if too many people get on?
DIYMatt, Aug 22 2012

       An interesting idea. [+]   

       Written as a simulation rather than a game - more like a serious flight simulator- it could be quite compelling.
8th of 7, Aug 22 2012

       It could get even darker if the men draw straws on a lifeboat lost at sea.
4and20, Aug 22 2012

       8th of 7, Aug 22 2012   

       Well I'm hoping something like this software + VR headware (e.g. oculus rift), could be use to help train workers on how to behave.   

       First by acting as the virtual evacuee, then going up to "disaster coordinator" in the simulation.   

       Serves multiple purpose. 1. Allows normal workers to know why following evac rules is good. 2. Allows the evac coordinator to know what its like as a evacuee. 3. If main coordinator is knocked dead, then there is an increased chance somebody else will step into place.
mofosyne, Jun 03 2013


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