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Stick That Cell Phone

a device to add cellular phone functions to multiple devices
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my job requires that have a cell phone with me at all times. but like many people, being a gadget hound i also have a laptop, an mp3 player and a pda. sometimes it's inconvenient to carry more than one device.

my idea is to 1) contain the core functions of a cell phone within a device approximately the size and configuration of keychain usb memory drives. it would contain the antenna and transmitting and receiving hardware.

it would plug via usb into any another device with sound/mic capability. it would utilize the battery of the attached device. it would contain memory for contact lists. it would contain drivers and software to run on other devices. ideally it would be portable enough to keep on your keychain.

part 2): the first device, (not yet in existence) would be the "shell" of a cell phone, just like any existing cell phone with a speaker, a mic, the dial pad, screen, battery etc. to make it functional, you would insert the cell phone stick described above into it. these shells could be thought of as "skins" for the cell phone stick. you could own several from different manufacturers, but the actual phone functions and account are contained within the cell phone stick and could be swapped from one skin to another.

part 3): in addition to using the cell phone stick in the above device, you could detach it from that, and plug it in via usb to any usb enabled device with sound/mic capabilities like a pda, laptop or mp3 player. when plugged into a pda, laptop or mp3 player, a software interface would be used to make cell calls from that device. so on a pda, you would plug in the cell phone stick and access the dial pad, screen, contact list etc. from the pda's screen and make your call.

you would not need to own a cell phone shell. if you only wanted to use the cell phone stick in the pda, mp3 player etc. you could.

i hope i have explained this well. i reworked it from a previous idea that i had, so thanks to all who fishboned the first time around. hopefully this is better.

xclamp, Jul 02 2004

The shizzolator http://www.asksnoop.com/
[xclamp, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

A few Handspring models http://www.mobiledi...ndspring/page1.html
[Klaatu, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       [+] if technology permits, sounds like a pretty dag-gummed good idea.
contracts, Jul 02 2004

       I think this would be possible. It should be small enough to wear as a necklace, and embezzled with precious jewels.
bungston, Jul 02 2004

       //embezzled with precious jewels//
I'm rolling on the floor; but somehow I think you meant to say something different
lurch, Jul 02 2004

       Fo shizzled wit prezzle jezzles?
sartep, Jul 02 2004

       even with the (link) i'm lost...
xclamp, Jul 03 2004

       The Handspring PDA is modular and lets you phone from your PDA. It has modules for GPS, GSM phone and many others. It can also play MP3's and surf the internet. You can dial from your phone list in the PDA. I would imagine that as it gets more sophisticated, it will become smaller.   

       This idea is slightly different, but not enough for my vote.
Klaatu, Jul 03 2004

       //This idea is slightly different//   

       I think the idea is fundamentally different. When you use a Treo or similar all-in-one device (which i have and they are cool) you are compromising in a lot of ways so you can have phone functions in addition to what your primary task might be (listening to mp3's, typing a word doc etc.) why not have a way to add phone functions to the best device for the job you're doing?
xclamp, Jul 03 2004


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