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Set your phone to vibrate (your house)

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Basically a 120 volt (220 everywhere else) bluetooth external ringer. If you know what a pile driver is you know what I’m envisioning. The device plugs into an outlet, and clamps onto a structural member of the house. In the basement it could be a joist, or upstairs a doorframe. The device uses a powerful linear actuator that reciprocates the weight the machine itself at a user selectable frequency and amplitude. The machine would weigh about 10 lbs.

I like to set my phone down at home, but like the idea of a silent ring. This would enable a vibration to be transferred through the house. And assign vibration intensity to certain contacts in your phone. You could have the device take the pictures off the wall when your boss calls, make it thump to the rythm of your heart when your significant other is calling or have it produce little 'ticks' when a restricted calls.

evilpenguin, Aug 14 2007

Ring World Ring_20World
[theircompetitor, Aug 15 2007]

Vibrate your house https://www.forbes....chine/#77b0913652c5
Earthquake machines and other practical jokes? [whatrock, Mar 29 2020]


       And during a earthquake or tremor?
skinflaps, Aug 14 2007

       How many calls until your house is structurally damaged? And, I'm not sure this is going to be a "silent ring".
Noexit, Aug 14 2007

       //Isn't there something like this already in place for deaf people// If there is, link it. I want one
evilpenguin521, Aug 14 2007

       How many evilpenguins are there?!
theleopard, Aug 14 2007

       I dropped the '521'   

       Thanks to [jutta] for that ;P
evilpenguin521, Aug 14 2007

       //Isn't there something like this already in place for deaf people?//   

       Yes, there is. I was once awakened by one in a house I was visiting. I somehow recognized the rhythm of the pulses as matching that of a phone ringer, but it scared the beejezus out of me for a few long seconds.
baconbrain, Aug 14 2007

       // I dropped the '521' //   

       I hate to have to say this, but it looks like it caught up to you again!
k_sra, Aug 14 2007

       I don't know who I am anymore....
evilpenguin, Aug 14 2007

       Here: I found this '521'. Is it yours?
pertinax, Aug 15 2007

       So is [evilpenguin] someone who takes an hour to load the bong and a sixty seconds to find the lighter?
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 15 2007

       Takes me 5 minutes to roll a dutch, but what are you really saying [Galbinus_Caeli]?
evilpenguin, Aug 15 2007

       521 sounds like an hour and a minute after 420, I am just trying to figure out what is so special about that number.
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 15 2007

       Actually it's my birthday   

       5 / 21   

       I jumped head first into the bakery when I found it, thinking there might just be another 'evilpenguin'..... and now that I know I stand alone with my evil flightless birdness, I realized there was no need for '521'
evilpenguin, Aug 15 2007

       Tesla supposedly built a little doodad that could perhaps be used here, see link.
whatrock, Mar 29 2020

       Vibration/shaking tables, for testing equipment and building designs, are Baked and WKTE, as are active mass dampers for controlling the oscillations of tall buildings, so it's quite practical to implement.   

       It may be important to check the critical resonant frequences of your building before use....
8th of 7, Mar 29 2020

       Might be nice to have a roof- mounted auxetophone relay to broadcast your ringtone and notification sound.   

       My grandfather wired an alarm bell into the telephone circuit so he could hear it ring when he was in his shed. Probably illegal back then
pocmloc, Apr 03 2020

       That would probably depend on the distance between the shed and the house, and the location of the bell.   

       For example, an external ringer on the house, loud enough to be audible in a shed 500m away, could be problematic if there are neighbours within hearing distance.
8th of 7, Apr 03 2020

       [pocmloc] thank you for introducing me to the term "auxetophone ". What a delightful word.
tatterdemalion, Apr 03 2020


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