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Trick Magazines

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Issues of popular magazines re-written with the highest level of erudition and technical detail, such that only the world's top scholars in each article's subject area could possibly understand. Same topics as the current issue, just written so as to be utterly opaque to the magazine's target readership.

Secretly replace your pseudo-knowitall coworker's copy of the Economist with *our* copy before he goes on break, and see if he doesn't offer you fewer "helpful" suggestions after he gets back to the office. Later in the day, drop by his office and tell him how much you think he would be interested in this article you've just found in Forbes, but hand him *our* Forbes.

Not available by subscription; only on a per issue order basis. Also available in Businessweek, Bassmaster, and Car & Driver. Yes, our issues are significantly more expensive than the titles we copy, but what else would you expect from a cabal of top scholar/pranksters?

swimswim, Apr 19 2010

Vague Scientist http://www.wired.co...07/vague-scientist/
in the other direction... [pocmloc, Apr 19 2010]


       ...like nudie mags with everyone all dressed?
xandram, Apr 19 2010

       like nudie magazines that have replaced the nudity with color saturation charts; RGB locations; time-of- month analysis weighted for age, race, environment, and so forth listing hormones and recent activities of the subject; scene critiques, lighting descriptions, and so forth.
Voice, Apr 19 2010

       [+] Impractical, but I wish it existed. The only problem I see is that people might buy them with the intention of reading them.
mouseposture, Apr 20 2010

       [-] There's an industry of spoof newspapers, and humour magazines often spoof non-humour magazines. And if it was well known to exist then it wouldn't work.
FlyingToaster, Apr 20 2010

       This isn't a spoof, though, is it? It's one joke, at enormous length. [+]
pertinax, Apr 20 2010


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