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Inject drug to stiffen tongue and avoid sleep apnea
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Obstructive sleep apnea appears mostly caused by a flaccid tongue that relaxes back to block the airway. If a substance could be injected that caused the tongue muscle to retain some tone or stiffness, that might prevent the relaxation and consequent apnea. Perhaps tetanospasmin, the tetanus toxin could be used, sort of like the opposite of botox.
gregor-e, Jan 28 2006

Dry mouth solved Mouth_20Mister
[normzone, Jan 28 2006]


       Interesting - what's to prevent tongue drying out?
csea, Jan 28 2006

       [csea], see link.
normzone, Jan 28 2006

       For some reason, I thought this would be a sex aid, not a sleep aid.
DrCurry, Jan 28 2006

       s'funny, DC.   

       perhaps a tongue stud ring tied with a length of cord to the bedpost?
po, Jan 28 2006

       haha[dc]. Stiff tongue lasting into the morning hours requres immediate medical attention.
theircompetitor, Jan 28 2006

       "If you tongue is stiff for more than eight hours, you should immediately consult your doctor..."
DrCurry, Jan 29 2006

       Tying the tongue ring to the bed post could be dangerous if the sleeper were to roll over. Perhaps tying the tongue ring to a nose ring would be a better choice.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jan 29 2006

       [21], Botox is a relaxant/paralytic, so it won't work.
5th Earth, Jan 29 2006

       No, no! Tie the tongue stud to a navel ring! That keeps the tongue drawn down, out of the way. Looks great, too.
elhigh, Feb 05 2006

       "If you stop percieving colors, or constantly taste cotton candy, stop using StiffTounge and contact a physician immediately."
notmarkflynn, Feb 05 2006


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