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Stilt Bus

For greater efficiency
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Some urban areas have bus lanes. As the name implies, these are reserved for buses.

With the advent of the BorgCo Stilt Bus, they can become multi-use routes.

The wheels of the Stilt Bus are mounted on four metre long hydraulic rams. These allow the bus to rise up above the normal level of traffic. Small vehicles, morobikes and cyclists can therefore pass underneath.

On entering an urban area, the Stilt Bus rises up to its full height, commensurate with the height of the elevated bus stops along the route. These could be constructed as cantilevered platforms protruding from the frontages of roadside buildings. The Stilt Bus moves at relatively low speeds along the bus lanes, while other vehicles continue to flow underneath - even when the bus halts to allow passengers to emabark or disembark.

On leaving the urban area, the bus returns to standard height, allowing travel at normal highway speeds.

8th of 7, Mar 06 2010

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       Have you been on vacation or something? A sudden burst of...The idea sounds very familiar, and I liked it. Or I've dreamed of it. Either way...+
blissmiss, Mar 06 2010

       The stilting mechanism should of course be the regenerative braking/acceleration mechanism.
FlyingToaster, Mar 06 2010

       Lovely idea, but probably not practical in Chicago or other cities prone to strong gusty winds which could be hazardous to a very high center of gravity vehicle.
jurist, Mar 06 2010


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