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Uber School Deluxe Edition

Every school option you can imagine, and some you can't
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On normal days, the kids take the regular damn bus.

On those mornings where everything falls apart? Call Uber School, Deluxe Edition.

This school bus is stocked with a range of pre-packed school lunches, tailored to a range of dietary requirements and options rated from healthy to trash.

Lost a shoe? We have spares in various sizes available at a cost. Just get on the bus, we can fit shoes en route.

Spare umbrellas, spare gym socks, spare school jackets to match your uniform.

Spare drink bottles, spare pencil cases, spare rulers and pens. You name it, we got it. All at prices that "seem" quite reasonable when you just want the kids out the door.

Oh yes, and we deliver coffee to your door as we pick up your brats.

not_only_but_also, May 10 2022

Luxury commuter bus https://www.google....-san-francisco.html
[21 Quest, May 11 2022]


       I want the add-on service with music, a 15 minute massage, and the coffee to soothe away the sound of burgeoning menaces to society after they're gone.
Voice, May 10 2022

       Shut up and take my money! [+]
21 Quest, May 10 2022

       My kids are in their 20s. I would still order this service, to take No 1 child to work at 5am. Getting up to see him off is fine. Making sure he wakes up, has something to eat, has his clothes for both work and classes... I would use this service instead. Also, coffee.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       UB, in some cities there are really fancy commuter buses available. See link.
21 Quest, May 11 2022

       Not to where my offspring work, sadly.   

       One works as a warehouse manager in an industrial suburb.   

       The other works in a pharmacy in a small town outside the outskirts of the city, when she's not on nursing placements. 40km commute.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       I suppose it WOULD put one well outside any city bus route here. I'd suggest trying to work out a deal with a local cabbie, but that's gonna be a pricy commute indeed the way we roll in these parts. Perhaps invest in a Tesla, something with a decent autopilot?
21 Quest, May 11 2022

       Daughter bought herself a KIA Cerato. Son has a Subaru WRX.   

       They do OK on the commute.
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       This is what staff are for.
pocmloc, May 11 2022

       Two of mine are down with COVID. The others are distributed across 3 other countries, [pocmloc].
UnaBubba, May 11 2022

       Well you need to have a word with someone at your private secretary's office, they are responsible for sorting that kind of thing out.
pocmloc, May 11 2022

       If they're in their twenties isn't it high time they got themselves around? You're not giving me much hope for the riding I have to do on my elementary school kid's butts to get them to do anything.
RayfordSteele, May 12 2022


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