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sleeper bus

fold out beds in buses or semis
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long greyhound trips (eg cross country US) not comfortable unless you pay money to stop at motels along the way.

either have mass transit type winnebagos or at least fold out beds and privacy curtains in busses (could be double decker with restaurant on top instead of having to stop.)

OR if there was a way to tow people in double decker semis or tractor-trailers with similar acouterments.

drpoundsign, Feb 24 2004

Land Yachting Land_20Yachting
My take. [phoenix, Oct 21 2008]


       how about capsule hotel busses
sukiyaki, Oct 21 2008

       I've seen some Grey Rabbit runs where the seats were all stripped out and replaced with mattresses
normzone, Oct 21 2008


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