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Stinkbug contraception hut and pesticides

I read that stinkbugs are bad. This is a hut, rather like a birdhouse on a pole that attracts them and poisons them far from humans. The poison is a novel GnRH toxin.
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I read in the New Yorker that stinkbugs are bad. They eat food and make things smell. They seek out enclosed habitat during winter causing large stinky bugs to be near humans.

They have some habits, notably they like to climb things, with 70% of stinkbugs having a tropism towards upper floors of a house. They also produce only about 250 eggs per cycle, up to 5 cycles a year.

Thus a hut on a pole, rather like a birdhouse on a pole, might be attractive to stinkbugs as a gathering place. Putting poison in the hut would block stinkbug reproduction while keeping the chemicals far from humans.

Just making up new pesticides I read about how gonadatropin releasing hormone combined with conatoxin concentrates 10,000 times at the reproductive tissue of mammals, causing very tiny doses to be contraceptive.

That is mammals. I think stinkbugs might have sex hormones of their own, and linking conatoxin to those putative stink bug sex hormones would cause a manyfold concentration resulting in contraception. So the poison does not actually kill them, it only sterilizes them.

hut on a stick + contraceptives = fewer stinkbugs.

beanangel, Apr 28 2018

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       Think I heard a song about that?   

       {wanders away singing "...de de da dee build a birdhouse on a pole...};
not_morrison_rm, Apr 29 2018


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