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Stinky Wet Wear

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clothing made to always be wet (once you get them on) or Clothing made to smell like something in particular subtle, mild or intense stinky smell settings and not just negative smells a particular shirt could always smell like lavender another like trash

activate one style or both upon each use a canteen with a computer that controls the release of fluid from one of several chambers that contain just water or liquid smells of your preference naturally refillable for repeat use

program the time release computer with your home computer or phone

something about struggling to remove wet clothing that I hate (some people might enjoy that experience) immediately after removing wet clothing that feeling of body freedom and breathing is always excellent, this clothing would promise that experience

Stinky Wet Wear could make a new industry of clothing type possible. Clothing for people who wish they were fish. Clothing for people that want to stand out is a crowd. Clothing for men or woman who want to wear only the tightest pants. Clothing for people who want to look good in the rain. Clothing for people that want to attract specific type of animals or insects.

vfrackis, Jul 03 2009


       there's an awfuk lot of negative associations with a lot of what you describe - not a great way to bake bread.   

       gonna give you a plus for that lesson in vocabulary.
po, Jul 03 2009

       I can see where you're coming from and i can once again think of a suitable source of funding for this.
nineteenthly, Jul 03 2009

       //Clothing for people that want to attract specific type of animals or insects.//   

       Therein lies the rub...or chafing if you prefer.
4whom, Jul 03 2009

       Hey great. Not only have you created a new fashion niche, but an industry will spring up for stores that refill the stinky water bladders.
swimswim, Jul 03 2009

       This is just weird. Just plain old weird. +
blissmiss, Jul 03 2009

       [+] but I'm not sure why, exactly.
FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2009

       pineapples of bafflement may be appropriate here
kindachewy, Jul 05 2009


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