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Another idea fundable by perverts
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There are various items of clothing used for exercise which provide comfort and ease of movement. These are fine as far as they go, but i feel someone has missed a trick. Ease of movement is actually the opposite of what you want for exercise. Ideally, it should be a real struggle to move at all while wearing them. All the gear is made of a rigid and very heavy fabric, lined on the inside to avoid chafing. Just moving an arm is a huge struggle. It gets worn all day and you do your normal stuff wearing it, but it's a major achievement just to make a cup of tea in it, or opening the door. Result: considerable weight loss and cardiovascular health improvement. Also, masochists get a much nicer day.
nineteenthly, Jun 22 2008

Found it. http://www.joe-ks.c...006/WetSuitFart.jpg
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 22 2008]

Weighted clothing http://www.ironwearfitness.com/
Just one of many examples [Noexit, Jun 23 2008]

Forced draught cooled cycling cape Forced_20draught_20...ed_20cycling_20cape
[mylodon, Jun 23 2008]

Resistance underwear Resistance_20underwear
Something like this? [bungston, Jun 23 2008]


       Plate mail?
phoenix, Jun 22 2008

       Dug any further, [fries shy]?   

       Anyway, [phoenix], suit of armour - jousting - clobbering each other with maces? Also, the "knight in shining armour" thing could come in useful here. It should probably be made of platinum.
nineteenthly, Jun 22 2008

       Pretty well baked.
Noexit, Jun 23 2008

       Yeah but,//Another idea fundable by perverts//, makes this idea entirely worth the read. Maybe a future category?
blissmiss, Jun 23 2008

       All the ideas would probably be mine, and funded by me.
nineteenthly, Jun 23 2008

       This should be combined with the forced air cape. Maybe recirculating forced air cape with air conditioning unit for demoisturization and cooling.   

       Just because other people want to get sweaty at work, doesn't mean the rest of us who enjoy a more languid approach to life, need to deal with it.
mylodon, Jun 23 2008

       Why not just wrap the entire cyclist in clingfilm?
nineteenthly, Jun 23 2008

       Clingfilm? Another idea fundable by perverts, or I'm a Dutchman. Oh, hang on, this could go on for ever.
English Bob, Jun 24 2008

       Clingfilm, eh? Attractive to a pretty woman only in dreams.
calum, Jun 24 2008

       I think probably the denizen would be having too much fun to care.
nineteenthly, Jun 24 2008

       I'll bun it because I think the premise behind its use is laudable, but I would flip out from claustrophobia. It gives me the shakes just thinking about it.
elhigh, Jun 25 2008

       Are Dutchmen perverts by nature? Nurture? Too much clingfilm too soon in life? I wonder...
blissmiss, Jun 25 2008

       Not perverted. I can see Chuck Norris wearing it as he demonstrates the Total Body Workout commercial and collapsing with a heart attack. Yes. So nice.
MauiChuck, Oct 16 2008

       Thanks, [Mauichick]. I see that unlike me, you're not trapped in the HB.
nineteenthly, Oct 16 2008

       Oh no! my last sanctum of chuck-norris free life has been violated!
ye_river_xiv, Oct 19 2008

       Perhaps you would move more efficiently after you took it off, due to conditioning. This reminds me of a guy I saw sprinting with a small, parachute-type thing attached to his back.
apocalyps956, Oct 20 2008

       Wasn't that a superhero using it for braking?
nineteenthly, Oct 20 2008

       //Another idea fundable by perverts//   

sprogga, Oct 21 2008

       //masochists get a much nicer day.//
Would masochists *want* a nice day?
coprocephalous, Oct 21 2008

       //Thanks, [Mauichick]. //

Wishful thinking, nineteenthly?
DrBob, Oct 22 2008


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