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Clothing fasteners: buttons, bipart zippers, etc. all require two hands to operate properly: one acting as a simple clamp or wedge, the other assuming a more dexterous role.

And that's the point: "dexterity" - right-handedness. Sources vary, but left-hand dominance is prevalent in 10-15% of the world's population.

So where's the left-handed shirts ? the pants which fly opens to the left ? outer jackets with the little tab thing on the end of the zipper which is damned near impossible in the first place to insert into the socket if your hands are cold, on the left ?

Ah yes, and the shirts: if they have one vest pocket, it's on the right side. Ditto jackets.

(for those rushing to Google, the first two pages of "left handed clothing" come up with "left handed t-shirts"(droll) and advertisers for left-handed clothing which don't appear to actually sell anything. It's a given that you could go to your tailor on the corner and have something made bespoke).

FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2013

Sinister http://translate.go...com/#la/en/Sinister
[ytk, Dec 30 2013]


       Shirts are made which button both ways. (Well, blouses.) But I could see a hearty market for left-handed-zipping jackets. [+]
gisho, Dec 27 2013

       I used to think that men's jackets had right hand zippers and women's had left, but it just seems to be a random smattering of left/right handed zippers in the closet.   

       Hmm... okay, a quick perusal of the closet and I've a parka and a heavy winter coat with right-handed zippers, and a light winter coat and autumn jacket with left-handed chirality. At which point might I self-interestedly point out that the off-chiral light jacket is the worst to try and zip up, whereas a tracksuit top with the same size zipper, of my chirality, is quite easy.
FlyingToaster, Dec 27 2013

       I can't post a link but you may wish to peruse my YouTube video "unzipping the zipper" and note how many zips are left- and right- handed.
nineteenthly, Dec 27 2013

       Regardless, zippers seem to be a bit of a pain and evidently tracksuits aren't meant for adults anyways. Idea still holds for non-zipper applications.
FlyingToaster, Dec 28 2013

       As a lefty brought up in a right-handed family, my opinion of most lefty products is pretty low because I've spent my whole life adapting to using right-handed* tools and implements in my left hand. A kindly boss once ordered a lefty angle grinder for me; the first time I used the thing it twisted out of my hands and nearly removed a chunk of my leg.   

       *if you're right-handed you probably have no idea how many of the things you use every day are designed specially to confound the manual minority.
Alterother, Dec 28 2013

       Tracksuits are a bit like maid's outfits in that they're good for doing housework in, and also for hiding dresses from people from whom one might want to conceal them.
nineteenthly, Dec 28 2013

       I'd think that most dresses would be almost as inconspicuous inside a track suit as outside. I also think it odd that people equate "trying to conceal" with "can't be bothered showing off".
FlyingToaster, Dec 28 2013

       //A kindly boss once ordered a lefty angle grinder for me//   

       What, precisely, would be the defining characteristic of such a tool? I have never seen an angle grinder that wasn't readily convertible to be used with either hand.
ytk, Dec 28 2013

       I feel your pain brothers. However, as [Alterother] says, suddenly being kindly presented with a left handed tool after a lifetime of adaptation to a right handed world can be confounding. I've had friends give me a single action fishing reel on a couple occasions with the line wound on the other way because they couldn't stand watching me use the rod 'upside down'. The only result was me winding out line when I intended to wind in and vice versa.
AusCan531, Dec 28 2013

       Trying to conceal because of not being out as trans. No longer an issue.
nineteenthly, Dec 28 2013

       // is prevalent in 10-15% of the dominance is prevalent in 10-15% of the world's population //   

       Fairly easy to hunt down the deviant ones and exterminate them, then.
8th of 7, Dec 28 2013

       85-90% is quite a high rate of deviance.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 29 2013

       // Fairly easy to hunt down the deviant ones and exterminate them, then. //   

       A left-handed grinder spins the grinding disc clockwise rather than widdershins.
Alterother, Dec 29 2013

       // Fairly easy to hunt down the deviant ones and exterminate them, then. //   

       Harder than you'd think. We dodge in unpredictable directions and always have an attack ready against your dead side in melee. In my experience, and I do have some, right-handed combatants have a problem adjusting to that (it's difficult to adjust to _anything_ when you've just had your left cheekbone fractured). Meanwhile the southpaw fighter is accustomed to guarding their dead side against right-handed attacks, so the righty does not have the same advantage.   

       Also, many of us can pass for right-handed. I shoot, paddle a canoe, snowboard, and play most stick-and-ball sports in the right-handed orientation. My wife is not ambidextrous but she can write legibly with her right hand and can play both right- and left-handed stringed instruments with equal prowess. We're tricksy buggers, us lefties. Good luck with your campaign of extermination, though.
Alterother, Dec 29 2013

       //A left-handed grinder spins the grinding disc clockwise rather than widdershins.//   

       And why does that make it left-handed? I guess it means that in a situation where you could use the tool with either hand, you can choose to use it with your left hand and still have the sparks fly away from you (and potentially the tool as well if it binds), but that's offset by the fact that you can't use a flap wheel with such a tool, so you often don't really have the option anyway.   

       Still, I'm not seeing that there's much of an advantage here for lefties. Just reposition the guard and/or your body and you shouldn't have a problem.
ytk, Dec 29 2013

       I don't know why reversing the drive makes it left-handed. I never used it after that first time. I've been doing fine using my regular grinder in either hand for many years and I have no use for tools that misbehave.
Alterother, Dec 30 2013

       The extra handle on a left/hand grinder is on the right side so that the blade faces right of the grinder and can be seen while the left hand compresses the on-off switch.   

       (I usually disable this function so that I don't have to constantly maintain my grip to prolong the carpal tunnel surgery eventuality... word to the wise, "make" your doctor check you for all types of arthritis before this surgery if you'd avoid having claws for hands)   

       The direction of spin must change so that if the blade grabs the surface it does not kick back on the user. Diamond wheels sometimes explode and the pieces fly off like shrapnel.   

       I have to ask [FT], why the name 'Sinister'wear?   

       Most grinders have a threaded handle that can attach to either side, and some have a third mount on the top. The handle is useless on a 4" grinder anyway. It just gets in the way.
Alterother, Dec 30 2013

       //why the name 'Sinister'wear//   

       See link.
ytk, Dec 30 2013

       "sinister" means "the left side" and is still used as such in English occasionally, which is how I meant it. I assumed that left-handed people would already know that... though belatedly I guess not all right-handed people would: the perils of using oneself as a test audience. Apologies if anybody was offended: please don't send the Army of Darkness after me again.   

       <strokes Dali moustache wondering why people are calling him 'Snidely'>   

       Besides, "Clothing Fasteners And Their Supporting Elements Reversed So Left-Handed People Don't Get Pissed Off And Start Running Around Naked" was already taken.
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2013

       //The handle is useless on a 4" grinder anyway.//
Yep. First thing to go, right after the guard. You don't hold the grinder upside-down when using it left-handed though do you? Impossible with the guard in place... and a face-full of sparks without it. Do you just not use the grinder left-handed, or do you crane your neck with your arm offset in order to see your work?

       I have never hear the word sinister in any context meaning anything other than malevolence.
...aaand, now that I have it'll be everywhere like some bad Baader baaadest-Meinhof Phenomenon.

       Dear diary: Day 16482;
Something new learned today: {check}

       From context alone it always seems to be associated with a concept or place, as in; sinister ploy, or sinister lair, though it might have been used a few times to describe Moriarty and I've met a few RL folks who fit the bill of what I thought that word meant.   

       I don't recall any of them being lefties though.   

       <Oop sorry you changed your last anno as I wrote mine.>   

       <ah, sry, ummm... "I don't recall ever seeing the word being used to describe a real person/thing".>   

       Me mum was a lefty and used to go on about how the teachers used to force them to write right.   

       I think calling it "Sinisterwear" would have the right marketing touch... a tad risque, but not quite the also technically etymologically accurate "Bastardwear".
FlyingToaster, Dec 30 2013

       // I have never hear the word sinister in any context meaning anything other than malevolence. //   

       How Gauche.
AusCan531, Dec 30 2013

       The word "sinistral" is used in anatomy, and I perceive the word "sinister" to mean left about as much as I see it as meaning something like threatening or evil.
nineteenthly, Dec 30 2013

       I use a grinder in my left hand the same way you would in your right, holding it by the body with my fingers over the paddle switch and my thumb pointed toward the front. A slight turn of the wrist is all it takes to angle the sparks away from myself. I leave the guards on my grinders, but I usually cut them down a bit and I loosen the set screws just enough so I can adjust the position of the guard without tools.   

       It's really not as complicated as it seems; I use standard scissors in my left hand by pulling my thumb toward my palm so the blades touch, I use a pocket knife by keeping it in my right pocket and opening it right-handed before passing it across (or just using it right-handed), and I use many other righty implements by simply reversing my grip. That's why special left-handed tools confound me, because I try to use them the way I always have and they either don't work that way, or worse come back at me painful end first.
Alterother, Dec 30 2013


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