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Stop! Please don't throw out.

A composition book for your biggest and best ideas
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Paint or stencil on the front of your lab notebook, patent diary, calender, ledger, or other bound book you happen to be recording your life in this:

"Stop! Please don't throw out. please please

It contains my life's work. Insights and ideas that will make this world as better place. At least look inside (I used to use a dollar as a book mark)"

And on the first page inside stamp " Just Kidding!"

If the book ever really starts to contain something significant, just rip out that first page.


Idea spawns from the following situation:

I am cleaning out a house of of an 89 year old gentleman who did not die, but moved on to Texas. It is ankle deep in paper, junk mail, receipts and religious tracts. Most of the paper is headed to the dump, but it would be nice to have a clue if anything is worth saving.

popbottle, Jul 14 2014

Also the name of a ZZ Top album... http://sinistersala...-zz-top-tejas-1977/
[normzone, Jul 15 2014]


       //who did not die, but moved on to Texas. //   

       Yup. Kind of hard to tell those two apart ...
8th of 7, Jul 14 2014

       I did the same thing for a 90something last year. Know how much 800+ lbs of magazines brings at the recycler ?   

FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2014

       Halfbakery serves this function for me. Go ahead and click on my user name to wallow indulgently in those ideas and insights that will make this world a better place, and several for adding more hair to consumer products.
bungston, Jul 14 2014

       Tejas has some good things going for it...let me see...okay, three things.   

       It's gun laws, Austin, and horses. That's it, though, as far as I know.
normzone, Jul 14 2014

       Wow [norm] the x isn't even anywhere near the j.   

       You got one of them funky keyboards?...   

       .... or possibly a span range of fingers not normally seen on a human...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 15 2014

       I drove through Texas once, it was snowing horizontally (high winds that day). Don't know much more about Texas. Think there must be an Instrument company there.
popbottle, Jul 15 2014

       Possibly trombones?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 15 2014

       [8th of 7], except for Austin, you are correct. Austin is quite close to heaven, actually. They are exempt from "almost as bad as death" jokes.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2014

       It's the Espanol for the english word Texas. Be advised that most of what is now the south western Estados Unidos was until recently northern Mexico.   

       Ah, the power of eminent domain...
normzone, Jul 15 2014

       I have about three hundred of these.
nineteenthly, Jul 16 2014

       //Be advised that most of what is now the south western Estados Unidos was until recently northern Mexico.//   

       Oh, and what was it before the Spaniards decided to call it Mexico?
ytk, Jul 16 2014

       " That big warm place that has nice beaches if you go far enough "
normzone, Jul 16 2014


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