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Psychoanalysing Your Life

A light hearted book about psychoanalysing every aspect of your life and life situation using Reischard ink blot pattern.
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This idea utilises the Reichard ink blot patterns, to invite the reader to choose from several pre-written description of what the ink blot smudges could represent. Each description is then expanded to humorously explain the nature of the reader’s character in the reader’s life. The book could be entitled ‘The Indispensable Guide to Psychoanalysing Your Life’.
NumboJumbo, Sep 18 2007


       Do you mean "Rorschach"? Anyway, this is hardly a brilliantly innovative idea, is it?
hippo, Sep 18 2007

       As opposed to the two handed finger snap.
cblunds, Sep 18 2007


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