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Reading while walking

Swing those arms, pump those legs !
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One of our local mail carriers apparently needs to unwind during her lunch break.

I see her walking the hill by my place of employment, holding a book at waist level, neck bent and eyes down, and walking in her fashionably short USPS-approved skirt.

What this woman needs is a wearable book brace, similar to the harmonica-holder.

It would have a cleverly activated (note how I dodged the choice of mechanism options) hinge function that folded down momentarily for unobscured vision checks.

(Mechanism activation options dependent on your budget - contact our sales engineer and fill out a "Request for Quote" form)

normzone, Apr 23 2008

Not a lot of help http://www.wikihow.com/Read-While-Walking
[normzone, Apr 23 2008]

Harmonica holder http://www.gotzblue...ages/bkh-holder.jpg
[normzone, Apr 23 2008]

One of the early prototypes, quickly reined in by the marketing staff http://www.themusic...-532871--u-713.html
[normzone, Apr 23 2008]

Has absolutely nothing to do with the idea, but I found it while searching for another image that I want for this idea http://images.buyco...chandiser/21249.jpg
[normzone, Apr 23 2008]

(?) Chest Mounted Book Holder http://www.wipo.int...4526&DISPLAY=CLAIMS
Half-Baked - no actual product it seems. [DrCurry, Apr 23 2008]

Lamppost Detector Lamppost_20Detector
Performs your vision checks for you [imaginality, Apr 23 2008]


       Well, I didn't expect to be the first, but my searches on and off the 'bakery were fruitless.
normzone, Apr 23 2008

       +1 whatever. loads of reasons - find me on flickr.com(flickry)
po, Apr 23 2008

       Flickr: "We found 195,853 results matching po. "
normzone, Apr 23 2008

       sssssh my pics are rubbish!
po, Apr 23 2008

       Have a bun, from someone who does this every day. (Walking while reading, that is, not handing out buns.)   

       //It would have a cleverly activated (note how I dodged the choice of mechanism options) hinge function that folded down momentarily for unobscured vision checks.//   

       You're welcome to attach my 'lamppost detector' device to it (see link) as an additional safety feature.
imaginality, Apr 23 2008

       You know, the other day I almost posted this idea myself. You beat me to it!
qt75rx1, Apr 23 2008

       that's so funny!
po, Apr 23 2008

       I like it. A small LCD screen just above (or below) the book, linked to a forward-facing camera, could warn the wearer against collisions.
jtp, Apr 23 2008

       I want my contact lense HUD!
Voice, Apr 24 2008

       Have you not known already that Daimler Benz have such electronic cap that project images directly to the retina, such that the wearer seems to see floating images/videos right before her?   

       Hope someone post the link here. I could not find it.
rotary, Apr 24 2008

       [rotary], I keep hearing/reading of such vaporware, but until I see first hand evidence of resolution of such questions as depth of field, I'm going to assume that we're still in cyberspace.
normzone, Apr 24 2008

       + I had an idea like this for lap-top users. (no lap involved)
xandram, Apr 24 2008

       "Top users," if you will.
theleopard, Apr 24 2008

       A transparent electronic book with opaque characters?
rotary, Apr 24 2008

       I've seen drivers that could use one of these mounted to a steering wheel.
Worldgineer, Apr 24 2008

       Suggestion for the smartphone age: make sure to install an app that uses your phone's rear camera to both show what's in front of you, and to alert you of danger.
Worldgineer, May 02 2016

       There was a texting app the other year that did that. No idea if it's still around.
notexactly, May 13 2016


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