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Store twenty million meals in south korea

Prepare for the collapse
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of the North Korean regime by storing twenty million meals in South Korea. This will significantly lessen the human cost of destabilization and encourage China to stop enabling the Kim dynasty.
Voice, Feb 25 2011


       will it attract mice? sorry, bit of an obsession at the moment.
po, Feb 25 2011

       //will it attract mice?// Better hope so. They will form the protein portion of the meal...
4whom, Feb 25 2011

       That's a lot of kimchi, possibly even a critical mass..you wouldn't want to be downwind from that...   

       I think it might not be necessary, the farms are already there, and with some decent fertiliser, machinery and transportation system it would probably be enough. Usually it's the transport that the issue, like people starving to death in Tokyo 1945/46...the food was in the fields, it just wasn't going anywhere.   

       Anyway, the regime themselves don't grow the food, they just eat it. If they go, it's just fewer mouths to feed. So just store the requisites.
not_morrison_rm, Feb 25 2011

       [Wonders why po is obsessed with attracting mice. Is it some sort of Furry fetish?]
DrBob, Feb 25 2011

       And off the coast of North Africa, while you're at it.
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2011

       The food would only last a day.
AntiQuark, Feb 26 2011

       Twinkees. Gotta be Twinkees. They come in packages of two so you'd only need 10 million, and they have a half-life longer than plutonium.
Grogster, Feb 26 2011

       Purina was exporting sorghum out of Senegal during the '84 famine. Small farms and a wholesale dismantling of world food systems FTW.
fishboner, Feb 27 2011

       It's a forward-looking idea - if the South Koreans (and probably anyone else who shares a border with North Korea) have any sense, they'll be stockpiling already.
zen_tom, Feb 27 2011

       [fishboner] I'd be interested in a link to that story -- I'll post if I can find myself.
rcarty, Feb 27 2011

       Hmmmmm, 20,000,000 pies:O) A happy thought!
saedi, Feb 28 2011

       As [AntiQuark] said.   

       Day two: Dear Diary, some of us are moving back up to the DMZ. Such lush flora and fauna, untouched for decades. Uncle Long Wok Tu Free says he could cook up a mean crane guksu. I can't go because I am still waiting for my new left leg, if only they had provisioned 20m prosthetic limbs and not those silly corn dogs. Damn you Haliburton and Monsanto...
4whom, Feb 28 2011


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