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The Homesteads Act of 2014

Solving Immigration through In Migration
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This variant of the Homesteads Act, which started the development, colonization, and ultimate absorption of western territories into the United States, will allow for in- place immigration of territories south of the border.

Why have to go through the whole risk of running the border, crossing the Rio Grande, dealing with coyotes, of the sapiens or canine variety, human trafficking and slavery, substandard wages, etc etc etc, where you can simply stake out a piece of land -- perhaps you already own it in your local jurisdiction -- and send an application in to the US government. Once a sufficient # of people has been amassed, petition to become a state.

theircompetitor, Jun 18 2014


       Isn't this just Anschluss cunningly repackaged to exclude the words 'Ukraine', 'Crimea' & 'Putin'?
DrBob, Jun 18 2014

       It would be if people were streaming into Moscow from Crimea or Kiev and Moscow had to issue official documents in duplicates with Russian and Ukranian
theircompetitor, Jun 18 2014

       The Puerto Ricans have been trying this approach for ages but no go.
bungston, Jun 18 2014

       Voice, we're talking about absorbing territories with people, as opposed to just absorbing people
theircompetitor, Jun 18 2014

       Do you mean like we could give back all of the US to the Native Americans?
xandram, Jun 18 2014

       //Do you mean like we could give back all of the US to the Native Americans?//   

       petition to become a state within the Union, as the western territories did. This really is about annexing Mexico as they seem to be determined to live here anyway, might as well get the natural resources. Not sure how you're getting the one from the other.
theircompetitor, Jun 18 2014

       Ah! In that case wouldn't it be more workeable to do it the other way around? The Mexican government is highly unlikely to allow their citizens to defect to the USA if they take their land with them but, ambitious politicians being what they are, wouldn't they be much more likely to accept the USA petitioning to become part of Mexico? It might seem like madness but the overwhelming mass of right thinking former-USA citizens would be sure to implement constitutional changes to the new Greater Mexico fairly toute suite I would have thought, thus achieving the objective without the odium of 'annexing' another country. The only sacrifice from a USA point of view is a degree of international impotence in the short term and that you now call yourselves Mexico instead of the USA.
DrBob, Jun 19 2014

       That was the movie Braveheart. And Scots are Brits. The English did enough terrible stuff worldwide, making something up just gives them something to deny.
rcarty, Jun 19 2014

       A state the size of a city block spanning a border in Ireland or Palestine and Israel or Korea or Vietnam.   

       and of course they would all speak English. and know the law according to Jefferson and so forth.   

popbottle, Jun 20 2014

       Something worked that's for sure. It looks like they will be staying British in the coming referendum.
rcarty, Jun 20 2014

       Seems so but why?   

       I'm English & I'd like a referendum for England to leave the UK (mostly because I'm peeved everyone else has their own regional government & we don't, makes us English look like second class UK citizens).   

       I'd like to see everyone leave (Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland etc.), leaving London, the bankers & parliament behind.   

       Then we can watch Boris & Parliament fight over who's really in charge of the now much reduced UK ;)
Skewed, Jun 25 2014

       //By their own custom, they didn't deserve the land we took because they weren't strong enough to keep us off it//   

       Hmm.... so would you extend that logic to justify cannibalism, just as long as those being eaten are cannibals?
Skewed, Jun 25 2014

       Called it in June.
rcarty, Sep 27 2014


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