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Storm power

A strongly built windmill
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Why not build a windmill that only works well in strong winds. Fold it away when conditions are not right, but raise it only for strong winds.

It would need to be very strongly built and therefore large and imposing , so to hide it away in light winds would be advantageous.

Pat-O-Cake, Dec 27 2009

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       Well there is no point having it in position if it isn't going to turn because the wind is too weak.
Pat-O-Cake, Dec 28 2009

       Is this a way to produce enough energy to counteract the storm?
Inyuki, Dec 28 2009

       Will it have a lightning rod on top ? (Preferably, linked to vats of mysterious coloured bubbling liquid, large brass-and-mahogany knife switches, and assorted spark gaps)
8th of 7, Dec 28 2009

       Other windmills are shy of high winds. The storm windmill relishes such conditions. It would therefore be the king of windpower devices.
Pat-O-Cake, Jan 01 2010


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