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I'm but an infinitesimal part of the observable Universe, which wishes to understand: the Universe, and where and how does it originate; wishes that everything that anyone truly wishes could really exist; and, doesn't lose the hope to improve the whole Universe, because it believes in the butterfly effect.

I am a universian.
My first idea written here is Hankeyboard (Jan 18 2003)

Some quotations I like:

"The said maxim ''Don't do to others what you wouldn't want to be done to yourself.'' is suboptimal, because different people want different things not to be done to them." (By me.)

"The computer changed intuitionistic mathematics from ideology to reality." - von Neumann

"Working samples of your work work better than your graduation diploma." (By me.)

"Health and happiness of groom and bride is more important than luxury of their wedding ceremony, or the price of their wedding rings." (By me.)

"There is no non-repetitive infinite sequence of numbers. All infinite sequences are repetitive." (By me, back in 1996... but is it true?)

What I love about HB, is that you can comment on a ten year old idea, and it still can be discussed as if it was yesterday.

Participating member of the Ooolongftangftangbank profile scheme.

inyuki @ gmail dot com

[Oct 05 2002, last modified May 08 2015]

(+5) 1.5G House
(+4) 3.5D Tetris
(+1, -2) <3 - express it!
(+26)(+26)(+26) 3D Study Maze
(+3) A cooking machine, which automatically peals, slices, boils, cooks, washes itself, and disposes the waste
(+4) A Good Social Network Friendlist
(+11, -3)(+11, -3) A login with protection from keyloggers
(+8, -1) A Speed Reading Learning Technique
(+5, -3) Ad-free Google
(+2, -1) AdLock
(+2) Ancient Town
(+2) Astelliard
(-2) Backpack-like Coca-cola bottle with a straw
(+2, -1) Ball-pen computer mouse
(+5) Bar-code based schedule information exchange
(+5) Below-windowsill winter refrigerator
 Bitcoin-based discounts
(+1) Black Hole Dome
(+5) Blog 2.0
(-4) Cash till - credit card scanner
(+17, -1)(+17, -1) Clarified "Chinese"
(+7) Coauthor Distribution
 Code Block Namer
 Computer Mouthpiece
(+6, -1) Consumer Investment Tax
(+2) Cookfridge Table
(+1, -3) Credit password
(+5, -1) Cryopresservation
(+1) Cryptocurrency Commenting System
(+2) Data Browser
(+2) Derivation operators
 Determinity Distribution
(+3) DNS for phone numbers
(+3) Dog Sniff Schools
(+13, -1)(+13, -1) Dolphin Car
(+8, -1) Dolphin cell phone
 Dolphin torch
 Drawers with infrared sensors
 DumbPhone OS
(+2) e-phone
(+4) Ebook Graph Maker
(+4, -1) Emergency Non-cryo Head Preservation Device
 Escape Cap
(+6) Extensible Timeline-Like Desktop
(+4, -3) Extension for Idea Blogs
 Facebook Leaker's tool
(+4) Floating City Experiment on Earth
(+10)(+10) Foot sensors for calling an elevator
(+3, -2) Free Long Distance Calls for Linguistic Minorities
(+3) Generalization of Advanced Scroll-bars with Document Preview
(+2) Gmail Profiles
(+1) Google Governments
(+5) Google Timescale Filter
(+1) Halfbakery Labs Graduates
(+5) Hankeyboard
(+4, -1) Hitchhiking Stops
(+5) Hoppers
(+1) Hot or Not Dictionary
(+46, -6)(+46, -6)(+46, -6) howtoengineerit.com
(+1, -3) Human Language Creation Method
(+3) Ice Sledges
(+1) IM Asynchronism indication
 Include a Publishable Video Presentation of Your Paper
(+4, -5) Indoor smoking mask
(+4) Inflatable Sunshade Cap
(+4, -3) Infrared sensor for calling an elevator
(-1) Institutionalized Love
(+3) Intelligent SMS Reminder
(+1, -5) Inverted Color Screen Default To Prevent Children From Enjoying Porn With Home Computer
(+8)(+8) Keyboard-present dentist's chair
(+8)(+8) Laptop Mosquitocap Film
(+6, -3) Light Year Cube
(+17, -10) List of The Hardest Ideas To Grasp
(+9, -2) Login screen with subject field
(+2, -1) Logish
(+5) Lovers Cloning Selves
(+3, -1) Low-Tech Mode
(+4) Magic FAQ
(+2) Magnetically Suspended Mirrors Telescope
(+7) [marked-for-outcome]
(+2) Messaging to Local Extraterrestrial Intelligence (MLETI)
(+7) Microphones nearby the bus doors to prevent bus drivers hurting old ladies
(+4) Mirrored Mouse
 Multiworld Dome Array
(+16)(+16) Negative Cardinality
(-2) NHFSD
(+1, -3) NOPES - Notes for interPersonal communications
(+3, -2) Nuclear Suicide Coffin
 Olfactory Language
 On-line Education Enabling Systems
(+4, -3) One City
(+3) OO Mathematics
 Paid Functions
(+3, -1) PC-Smartphone talk relay software
(+12, -1)(+12, -1) PDF Marker: "Last Read Here"
(-2) Personal "Online" transportation
(+5, -1) Police Batons with Geiger-counters
(+2) Privacy Water Helmet
(+1) Probet
(+3) Profemaile
(+2, -3) Public Quarry Repository
(+1) QR-coded retail goods
(+1, -2) Real Estate LEGO Bricks
(+4, -5) Reversed Seats in Transport
(+2) Sci-bakery
(+2) Science Journal for i-Couples
(+3) Science News PDF Daily
(+1) Semacoded events
(+4) Shapeflow
(+1) Skreen
(+5) Space Suit for Habitation on Earth
(+2, -3) Spaghetti Drive
(+2) Superreflectance hypothesis
(+3) SwingTrans
(+8, -1) Technology Maps ™
(+6, -2) The Natural New Year Correction
(+4, -1) The Reliquary of Principles
(+1) Turn-back-time Media
(+2, -6) Unambiguous Colorful Text
 Undirected Time
(+7) Vertical Slide-Out Dual Screen For Laptops
(+1) Vestibulo-ocular Spacetime Mixer
(+8)(+8) Video Player Control Web Synch
(+1) Vocabulary Highlighter
 Volunteer tag for HB comments on Ideas
(+4, -6) web-based people's self-organization tool
(+7) Wicked ball
(+5, -2) Wine bottles with corkscrews embedded
 Wireless Neck Massaging Device
(+5, -2) World's Neutral Map

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