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Stovetop Driveway

Electric stove-tops to melt snow
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Every morning, in the winter, everyone feels back pain from shoveling snow or they have to go out in the cold with a snowblower. But why not install simple electric stove-tops in concrete side walks and driveways. This eliminates the chore of constantly shoveling and can be activated to ward off pesky neighbors.
redpandainventor, Mar 05 2008


       I think I preferred your red panda.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 06 2008

       Have you any idea how much energy this would take? You could put a roof and walls on your driveway for less money.
WcW, Mar 06 2008

       In the kids book I read when I was a kid, cats slept on the heated driveway.
baconbrain, Mar 06 2008

       Heated driveways already exist. Check google.. search terms "heated driveway"   

duncan_m, Mar 06 2008


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