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Snowforts for Everyone

impenetrable walls of snow. . . not just for driveways anymore
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Instead of simply pushing snow onto your lawn/sidewalk, the city's new snow-clearing machine packs and deposits the frozen water in such a manner as to make snowbrick castle walls, complete with crenellations, across the front of everyone's lawn. (v.2 does window and door openings as well).

To solve the problem of driveway blocking, turrets are built at the corners.

FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010

Prompted by Street_20gang_20plow
[FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010]

with prior-art nods to Ho_20Ho_20Ho_2c_20l...0it_20snow_2e_2e_2e
[FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010, last modified Feb 10 2010]

and homage to Tails_20For_20All
[FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010, last modified Feb 10 2010]

Calvin & Hobbes re snow and the meaning of life. http://farm1.static...72_4ea2d9e35c_o.gif
Couldn't find the one about snow forts. [csea, Feb 07 2010]

A good start http://www.youtube....watch?v=gl2j9PY4jGY
Japanese automatic snowshovel makes ice bricks [FlyingToaster, Feb 11 2011]


       Yes. Neighbourhood snowball fight!   

       //snowball fight//
If the wall is already of sufficient height, it makes and drops pre-packed snowballs inside.
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010

       Only if I get to have a heated moat. Without heating, it's likely to be frozen, rendering it unsuitable for defensive porpoises.
csea, Feb 07 2010

       //unsuitable for defensive porpoises// walruses then. § x1
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010

       Now with driveway-corner turrets.
FlyingToaster, Feb 07 2010

       I like this, but I keep reading it as "snowfarts", which disturbs me a little. [+]
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2010

       It makes me think of two things at once: snowforts as in castles made of ice and snowforts as in cold comforts.
nineteenthly, Feb 07 2010

       ooh turrets! really nice
dentworth, Feb 08 2010

       The driveway-corner turret was actually the entire original idea, then I got typing and forgot about it.
FlyingToaster, Feb 08 2010

       this would not work in Florida...
xandram, Feb 08 2010

       If combine harvesters can spit out beautifully-formed hay bales, it follows that snowploughs should be able to make snowmen.
hippo, Feb 08 2010

       //snowmen// that would be <2nd link>
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2010


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