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Stress computer

Easy-on-the-knuckles padded PC
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Some days you just want to let it all out and smash the bloody thing to pieces. Today is one of those days, but I know full well that wreaking my desired vengeance on this PC would most likely lead to me a) being fired and b) breaking a knuckle or two. So in these halcyon days of computer fabrics and the like, I propose a fully workable soft computer, which can take a beating from all but the most determined user without so much as a flicker. Made of much the same stuff as pillows, maybe. A shatterproof plastic screen, a deformable picture tube (memory metal?) and a flat, one-piece keyboard. Perfect. Either this or have a room in every office full of defunct PCs and a choice of weaponry by the door. "Well, I've crashed again. I'm going for a smash. The five iron, I think...". I'm sure productivity would rise.
Nadir, Jun 28 2001

Once more. http://www.gotlaugh.../movies/badday.mpeg
[angel, Jun 28 2001]


       Cheers rods. I _knew_ I couldn't have been the only one...
Nadir, Jun 28 2001

       I have ocasionaly given thought to a computer you can strangle. You put your hands round the base of the monitor and squese. The edge of the screen starts to dim. When the whole screen goes black it resets...
RobertKidney, Jun 28 2001

       This is why we need to design computers with emotions, so we can make them feel bad when they fail us.
centauri, Jun 28 2001


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