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Universal travel modem

Modem uses handset plug instead of POTS line
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When traveling with your laptop, finding a phone line for your modem can be a pain. Many hotel PBX systems are digital, meaning you can't simply plug your modem into the wall jack.

However, even digital phones use analog handsets, and the handset jack is universal across all phones. Devices are available which plug between the handset jack and your modem. Konexx brand, among others.

Why not integrate this capability into laptop modems? The parts cost would be minimal, especially with modern DSP-based modems that are half soundcard anyway.

While we're at it, laptop ethernet interfaces should auto-sense when crossover wiring is required. Nobody wants to carry two ethernet cables just to be prepared.

Myself248, Dec 30 2002

Like this, only integrated in to the modem? http://www.blackbox...cks/18000/18708.PDF
Warning: PDF [half, Oct 17 2004]


       So all the bits are available, you just want them bundled a little more conveniently, am I reading you right?
egnor, Dec 30 2002

half, Dec 30 2002

       this is too simple. just build/buy a phoneline to audio jack converter.
ironfroggy, Dec 31 2002


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