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Display incidence of votes over time
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To make industrial ballot-stuffing visible on a website, display the incidence of votes over time, rather than just the outcome. I wish sites like the IMDB did this; it might also show interesting trends in opinion, e.g., of first-weekend-moviegoers vs. movie renters vs. the pre-screening audience.
jutta, Aug 12 1999

IMDB http://www.imdb.com
The Internet Movie Database [jutta, Aug 12 1999]

Amateur small-scale ballot stuffing. http://www.halfbakery.com/idea/Fishties
The revolution eats its children. (Or its neighbor's children?) [jutta, Aug 12 1999]


       BUT, what about the well known phenomenon of people responding according to how others are behaving? Have you never convinced a roomful of people that white is black?
Nicholas, Mar 25 2000

       Only let you see the votes after you've cast your own.
egnor, Mar 28 2000

       Regardless of whether you can infer ballot-stuffing, I think the extra data would be interesting.
syost, Jul 28 2000

       increment todays bin!
Dub, Dec 15 2005

       //Have you never convinced a roomful of people that white is black?//   

       No, but Michael Jackson has tried.....
Minimal, Dec 16 2005


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