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Stuff Dropping Channel

Stuff dropped from high places
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See all sorts of stuff dropped from various locations around the world as they splatter, shatter and crash at the bottom. See marbles of wintergreen candy dropped from high places in the dark for the green spark at the bottom. Watch a bowling ball drop from a skyscraper. Be a contestant on a game show where you make a paper dart with only a piece of paper and have it race to the bottom. Also a show about skydiving enthusiasts.
sartep, Aug 09 2003


       David Letterman used to do this as a regular feature on his show on NBC.
krelnik, Aug 09 2003

       Fall Sweeps? Lookout!...
n-pearson, Aug 09 2003

       SCTV is on the air.   

       Rock-rolling! I wanna MC it!
lurch, Aug 09 2003


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