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Tall TV

Shows High-Screen TV programmes
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Tall TV is a new TV channel - we show movies and TV programmes filmed not in wide-screen, but in *high-screen*.

You'll need to turn your TV (or, as [csea] mentions, yourself) on its/your side to watch our channel - those of you with wide-screen TVs will get the best effect, while normal TVs will shorten the image, with vertical black bars either side.

Today's schedule includes:

* Tall TV at the Milan Fashion Show: Bringing you the view from the end of the catwalk.

* International Climbing Championships: Who will win?

* Waterfalls of the World: This week, Angel Falls, Venezuela.

* Giraffes: The Long-Necked Spotty Horses of the Wild: A close-up wildlife documentary.

* A Day In The Life Of: A look at different professions. This week, what it's like to be a stiltwalker. Next week, window cleaners.

* Will It Smash?: A science programme involving dropping things from tall buildings to see how much they're damaged.

* A Rope and a Prayer: We take an in-depth look at the past, present and future of bungee-jumping.

* Floor 69: Tall TV's raunchy new soap opera, exploring the lives and loves of the residents of a New York tower block.

imaginality, Jun 28 2007


       - Thanks for the laugh!   

       Y'know the reason for wide screen? It has to do with the human visual dimensional gamut - i.e. the area we preceive when looking straight ahead.   

       Because most people have two horizontally located eyes, it's wider than it is tall - roughly 16x9 aspect ratio (WxH).   

       9Wx16H would waste a whole bunch of resolution. You'd be better off just looking at HDTV and ignoring the side image (feel free to mask off your screen.)   

       And don't get me started on visual temporal resolution!   

       But if you insist, why bother to turn your TV sideways - just relax laterally recumbent on the couch.   

       {The following feature is best viewed on your side on the couch!} Kind of messes up the surround sound, though.
csea, Jun 29 2007

       You could watch wide-screen movies while lying down, that there's a good idea.
theleopard, Jun 29 2007

       + I'd like to watch Jack and the Beanstalk on this.
xandram, Jun 29 2007


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