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Stuffed animal E-reader with fiber optic screen

A cuddly plush toy with a soft fiber optic reader screen; teaches reading
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Although the Teletubbies seem to have gotten their first, there is as yet no obvious stuffed animal with a screen on Amazon.

So, a plush toy, such as a cuddly stuffed animal, with a completely soft flexible reading and touch surface where the input and readout is from fiber optics embedded in the fur.

This slightly novel technology, a surface grid of optical light emitting fibers, displays the words and images and is soft to the touch and bendy as well as washable.

As an E-reader it could have any number of early learning children's books and some simple trace out the letter software, as well as follow the dot with your finger type exercises for small motor skills. It could be settable by parents not to light up after 9:00 PM or something.

I actually have a $10-12 step counter from Ebay that has a rubber USB A connector on it. Make it rubber with carbon conduction pathways and I think it would be fully washable. So the eReader is completely washable and rechargeable.

It could even listen as you read other paper books to it.

beanangel, Nov 02 2018


       You could have a transparent soft flexible inflatable cover over a screen [1] but a fluffy furry one feels nicer.   

       [1] um, is this right? Now that I think about it, the squishiest inflatable things I've seen haven't been transparent. Maybe the transparent ones can't get such a stretchy surface.
caspian, Nov 02 2018

       Why do I think of remote acupuncture applications while looking at this idea?
not_morrison_rm, Nov 02 2018

       Fiber optics won't get very good resolution while keeping the softness. Also, the fibers break over time, one by one, if subjected to flexing. I suggest using a flexible screen instead, such as the smartphone makers have been developing over the past few years for curved-screen and now foldable smartphones.
notexactly, Nov 08 2018


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