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slip spot

Slippery coatings for the Gömböc
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So a convex three-dimensional homogeneous body is very difficult to make. The precision necessary is beyond most.

What if the Gomboc is evenly dipped with one of the new fangled slippery coatings, would this give enough flexibility on the offset weight driven movements to relax the stringent manufacturing? A more slippery surface means motion is less likely to stall and a slightly greater range of shapes can carry the motion.

If the Tolerance is still to small, would a springy molecular coating bring the Gömböc to the masses' coffee tables?

wjt, Nov 09 2017

You forgot... http://gomboc-shop.com/
for those who don't yet know (hopefully not very many...) [neutrinos_shadow, Nov 09 2017]

Gömböc https://en.wikipedi...ki/G%C3%B6mb%C3%B6c
Intriguing [8th of 7, Nov 09 2017]

https://en.m.wikipe...rg/wiki/Gombeen_man Gombeen [xenzag, Nov 11 2017]


8th of 7, Nov 09 2017

       If you have trouble obtaining a sufficiently perfect Gomboc, can I suggest that you invite Sturton round for drinks? He can go one better, since he has no stable position whatsoever.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 09 2017

       Sp. "Tolerance"   

       Yes, very funny.
pertinax, Nov 10 2017

       Perfectly smooth/polished is slippery but is precise. Less precision is needed to mass produce and still allow the Gømbøts work.   

       Could a Gömböc be made so that it sticks and then gives way? Placed it a down, 13 days later or randomly, and it rotates to the lowest energy. Probably needs nano-weather, some connection to environmental variables.
wjt, Nov 10 2017

       Please, [wjt], give it its umlauts, or let it go. It's not big, and it's not clever. Go back and do some editing, or we will have to come over there and give you a right ding alongside the ear.
8th of 7, Nov 10 2017

       [8th of 7] Sorry the overall meaning isn't getting to you via the English spelling. Maybe you need to replace one of you subroutine species.   

       Remember every action has some associated carried information.
wjt, Nov 11 2017

       Not to be confused with a gombeen, who might try and sell you a mass produced gomboc.
xenzag, Nov 11 2017

       // Sorry the overall meaning isn't getting to you via the English spelling //   

       There's no problem with meaning, it's just a matter of gratuitous pedantry.
8th of 7, Nov 11 2017

       gratuitous pedantry[+]
Voice, Nov 11 2017

       Here's one for [8th of 7] . How about an unstable coating of potassium chlorate and phosphorus, not unlike what would be found on a Super Bang Blast Ball, to randomly unstick a higher level stable position plateau of this forementioned gravity toy.
wjt, Nov 11 2017


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