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The Random Shocker

Russian Roulette Electric Shocking Device
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Pull the trigger on this bad boy, and you have a one in six chance of getting zapped!

Great as a party toy, and it may even save lives as an adrenalin-pumping sleep preventor for fatigued drivers.

Check out the links below for more details and a similar device.

SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006

Random Shocker Details http://sparkbugg.wo...ark-random-shocker/
My detailed Blog Posting on this idea. [SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006]

HalfBakery's Work Alarm Clock work_20alarm_20clock
This idea inspired me to post mine. [SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006]

Shocking Roulette http://www.zymetric...m/product.asp?3=622
[rascalraidex, Dec 02 2006]

Shock pen http://play.com/Gad...+pen&searchsource=0
//Anyway, a slightly tweaked version would still be good to have in your car, as a sleep preventor, which was my main impetus.// So preferably something which administers a shock at the touch of a button? [fridge duck, Dec 03 2006]


       "The anticipation..." Seems like it would work.
Zimmy, Dec 02 2006

       Just don't let it escalate into something more dangerous. My best friend's cousins used to play with a plastic bullet. It would usually bounce off of their skull but one time it didn't.
twitch, Dec 02 2006

       it already exists.. cept with 4 instead of 6.... see link
rascalraidex, Dec 02 2006

       I think if you made it something you wear like a ring or bracelet that once activated (by you when you start feeling sleepy) would administer shocks at random intervals. That way after you turned it on you would be on the edge of your seat waiting for the next one and wondering when it will come. that would keep me awake.
Bane, Dec 02 2006

       Damn. I can't believe I missed that, at least on a conscious level. Very similar to the party game. Anyway, a slightly tweaked version would still be good to have in your car, as a sleep preventor, which was my main impetus. Thanks for the link, which I should have seen, and registered, myself.
SparkBugg, Dec 02 2006

       I have played this many a time at many a bar.
Chefboyrbored, Dec 02 2006

       they have a quick draw game too.. i want it.. whoever gets shot, gets shocked in the chest... and a reflex one, my friend had it...it had 4 wired hand grips with buttons on them, and a big button in the middle... you push the button and it plays music and flashes red.. when it turns green the last one to push the button gets shocked...
rascalraidex, Dec 03 2006

       You sound like you're getting shocked right now.
Texticle, Dec 07 2006


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