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Stupidly Dangerous Hadrian's Wall Of Death

new version of the infamous wall
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Hadrian's Wall was designed to contain the pesky Scots, but it has mostly crumbled into a lumpy ruin with the mad Scots now running amok throughout the civilised world.

Hadrian's Wall Of Death is a reconstruction of a section of the famous barrier, made in circular form and now functioning as a wall of death for scrambler bikes.

The death defying riders begin their orbits along a relatively smooth surface, but as they increase the speed of their rotations and ascend the wall, they begin to encounter the lumpy uneven stones and ruts that characterise the Stupidly Dangerous Hadrian's Wall Of Death.

One rider wears a kilt, while another in pursuit is dressed as a Roman Legionaire. Sword wielding etc adds to the accident rate that earns the Stupidly Dangerous Hadrian's Wall Of Death its name.

xenzag, Jan 28 2022

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       //scrambler bikes.// boring. Horses and chariots would be much more in keeping.   

       //a kilt// invented by the English in the 18th century. Also, do not ride a motorbike (or a push-bike) wearing a kilt.
pocmloc, Jan 28 2022

       Agree about the horses, but they could get injured and I can't have that.
xenzag, Jan 28 2022

       Or pantomime horses
pocmloc, Jan 28 2022

       Just don't, ok?
pocmloc, Jan 28 2022

Isn't that Nike's new slogan?

pocmloc, Jan 29 2022

       It would be the ultimate "suspension test course" - either your suspension works perfectly, allowing you to maintain enough speed & control; or you crash & die.
neutrinos_shadow, Jan 29 2022


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