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Twist Neck Guitar

Now with more strings, for Hendrix.
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This guitar has a round neck and fretboard, strings encompassing the entire neck. Below there is a body, which serves as a lever allowing the player to twist the neck to new positions. This brings new strings in front of the pickup. A central rod passes through the string strings to the top and provides a place to rest the hands. The motion of the string body is limited by the thumb of the fingering hand resting on a series of spaced pads mounted to the string tube. A small latch or cam action could assist when the player fingers upper octave or bridge cords.
WcW, Feb 27 2013

Kolitong http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kolitong
[pocmloc, Feb 28 2013]


       " A central rod passes through the string strings to the top " ...not cruelly mocking what is probably a typo, but it makes me think of the Ting Tings.   

       Can you do an illustration in any manner? I can vaguely imagine this...I probably can't play it, but...
normzone, Feb 27 2013

       How do the new strings get from behind the pickup to in front of the pickup?
pocmloc, Feb 28 2013

       Now you've done it. Last night I dreamed I had been invited to tour with a mariachi band, but when we got to the site of our first gig, an upscale restaurant/hotel, it seems I'd forgotten my guitar.   

       They gave me a standup bass built as you describe in your idea. I played with it for a while, then told them it was very interesting, but in order to be effective I was going to need a guitar.   

       They brought me one that had freshly grown strings on it, still covered by the horny sheaths. I had to borrow scissors from the kitchen and trim them down to get a clear tone from it. It produced really nice low tones.
normzone, Feb 28 2013


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