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tuned plastic toy string instruments
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you can buy toy plastic instruments that are impossible to tune. you can buy guitars you can buy a ukulele you can buy violins banjos electric guitars. but when you turn the knobs the strings don't catch on and you cannot precisely tune the instrument.

The proposed invention catches onto the string and allows you to make it shorter in a precise way like the little plastic devices that are used for closing bag laces or shoe laces.

pashute, Aug 28 2023


       The whole point of the toy instruments that you mention is that they are cheap.   

       Adding functionality increases the cost. You can already buy superior toy instruments that are tuneable, but they cost more than the ones that are not tuneable.   

       You can also spend even more and get mass produced basic functioning instruments that are not only tuneable but are also playable.   

       Basically the market is saturated, you can get any spec of instrument at all from the very very bottom (resin fridge magnet shaped like an instrument) to the very very top (individually hand crafted, set up and ready to be used by professional soloists in the worlds top orchestras) and any possible point in between. The usual way that you can tell where on that scale you are, is the price. You really do get what you pay for.   

       So, unfortunately, [marked for deletion] not a new idea, already widely available to purchase, not a new idea, etc. etc.
pocmloc, Aug 28 2023


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