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Divider sheets in your sandwich
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Ever annoyed when the bread is soggy from the tomato? When the schnitzel is damp and infused with the mayo? You need Sub-Divider. With Sub-Divider you can create sandwiches where all the ingredients are divided by thin plastic sheets which are all in turn connected to an easy grip handle - You pull them all out when you want to eat and enjoy your fresh sandwich with all it's distinct flavours combining only in your mouth. Bon Apetite!
lukecleland, Feb 17 2006


       I do indeed have a 'Bon Apetite' (+).   

       how do you stop the stuff oozing around the layers?
neilp, Feb 17 2006

       why not just put long threads on the plastic sheets instead of the grip handle, so that you don't have to ruin the sandwich pulling them out - you just swallow them, then pull them back up out of your stomach using the threads. Or have eatable flavoured plastic sheets. +
xenzag, Feb 17 2006

       I'd prefer it if the sheets were less plastic and more edible. Like a slice of ham, perhaps. (I was going to suggest a slice of processed cheese, but then thought about the words plastic and edible again)
zen_tom, Feb 17 2006

       This is done in Japan with food wrapped in seaweed - you can buy these things which are triangular parcels of rice with perhaps some kind of pickle at the centre, all wrapped in crispy dried seaweed. To stop the seaweed getting soggy it's separated from the rice by a layer of plastic. This is so cleverly designed that one quick pull removes all the plastic from between the rice and the seaweed without disturbing the beautiful origami-like parcel wrapping of the seaweed.
hippo, Feb 17 2006

       Except the pull handle is not designed for spade-handed gaijin, who will usually end up mashing the parcel in their fist. But other than that, yes.
calum, Feb 17 2006

       //Don't the Americans already have these? They're yellow// Not all Americans - just the characters on The Simpsons. And Big Bird.
coprocephalous, Feb 17 2006

       way to go [copro]!
xandram, Feb 17 2006

       Everyone knows the lettuce has to go next to the bread; not the tomato. Building a sandwich is a science and cheat-sheets shouldn't be necessary.
phundug, Feb 17 2006

       I'm not entirely sure why you don't just use Velcro. It seems to work for everything else.
DrCurry, Feb 17 2006


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