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The Smoke

Smoky sandwich to go with a nice smoky beer
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I LOVE Schlenkerla's rauchbiers, or Alaskan Brewings Smoked Porter... But sometimes even they don't provide enough smoke. So I got to thinking... I've gone so far as smoked salmon with smoked beer, but could I do better? Let's try this...

- Smoked bread (preferably a nice rye) [probably have to home- make this, though smoked grains MAY be available for sale]
- Smoked salmon
- Chipotle mayo (chipotle being smoked jalapenos); probably not too hot
- Bacon; smoked (applewood or hickory though? hmm...)
- Smoked cheese (gouda? maybe something more exotic?)
- Smoked onion [probably need to do at home] (smoked garlic is available, but might not work so well with salmon??)
- Smoked tomato [probably need to do at home, though I've seen references to it; maybe could substitute in a smoke-based salsa]

Anyone got sources on the smoked bread, onion & tomato?

SlapDash26, Mar 09 2010

Larry's Smoke Dried Tomatoes http://www.boggycre...-dried-tomatoes.php
Rehydrate with warm water or in hot olive oil. Unfortunately, not available until mid-summer 2010. [jurist, Mar 09 2010]

Tierra Vegetables Smoked Onions http://www.tierrave...bles.com/order.html
From California, $6.00 per packet, likened to "Vegan Bacon". [jurist, Mar 09 2010]

broodwich http://www.urbandic....php?term=broodwich
don't eat it all [jaksplat, Mar 09 2010]


       Let me be the first to say it...   

       " I want some of what HE'S been smoking! "
normzone, Mar 09 2010

       Definitely smoke related munchies.
rcarty, Mar 09 2010

       By the time I read down to the smoked gouda, I could hardly breathe, it was so damn smoky around my head. This is one smoking, smoking, smoking, idea. Damn, it's so smoky in here I can't even see. Choke, cough, choke cough.
blissmiss, Mar 09 2010

       I think this fits within the category of a flavour, and we all know what happens to these.
xenzag, Mar 09 2010

       If I had more living space, I would totally try to realize that smoked salsa suggestion.
DrWorm, Mar 09 2010

       "flavour" mfd aside even, I don't get the actual idea: most, if not all of the listed items in the post are available... including the availability of "hickory smoke" as a liquid food-additive (mmm carcinogens).
FlyingToaster, Mar 09 2010

       [marked-for-deletion] Not a new invention.
jutta, Mar 10 2010


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