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Vault of Horror Audio Effect Book Cover

Xenzag's Spooky Door Hinge on a horror novel
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For a special edition Steven King novel or other scary book, opening it triggers an audio file of a big squeaky door hinge like you'd have on a haunted house.

When you close it you get the squeak and an ominous slam sound with lots of reverb. The link shows Xen's idea. My idea is to put her idea on a book.

Of course the book would have to look the part. Bound in leather, (or is it human skin?) large thick metal corners and hinges, a big lock.

You could also do the same thing for novelty Halloween greeting cards.

doctorremulac3, Mar 05 2011

This on a spooky book The_20Spooky_20Hinge
Great to set the mood [doctorremulac3, Mar 05 2011]


       For H P Lovecraft works, the sound of tentacles slithering across aeons-old slimy masonry would be ideal.   

8th of 7, Mar 05 2011

       A stone tomb being slid open sound might be nice too, maybe for a book about mummies. The walking dead Egyptian kind, not the British mommy kind. Unless it's appropriate for the plot.
doctorremulac3, Mar 05 2011

       You could add sound effects on every page if it was a pop-up book too!
DrBob, Mar 07 2011


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