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Waco 500

Motorbike for those with a siege mentality
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A biker told me he was perfectly safe as long as he assumed everyone else on the road was out to kill him. Over time this must surely send some people down the slippery slope to chronic paranoia. So let's exploit and enable these troubled people!

The Waco 500 is the bike for the modern dead-ender. Drop oil and spikes in the path of those behind you with accidentally murderous intent. Sudden brakers and careless turn-into-your-path-ers ahead of you will feel the full force of the contact-actuated chainsaw blades, and for those foolish enough to throw you from your bike in a collision, a time-delayed explosion will ensure that you can crawl away leaving the world a better place for other bikers.

oscil8, May 20 2012


       Because motorcycling isn't dangerous enough without riding on top of a death-dealing juggernaut with numerous exposed blades that's also a bomb?   

       Also, I think you'd need an engine considerably larger than 500cc to push something this heavy around...
ytk, May 20 2012

       Is 'Motorbike for those with a siege mentality' the strapline for the ad campaign?
Phrontistery, May 20 2012

       // A biker told me he was perfectly safe as long as he assumed everyone else on the road was out to kill him. //   

       That's actually a pretty common mentality among motorcyclists.   

       // careless turn-into-your-path-ers //   

       In the US, he's called 'Left-Turn Larry'. Lary lurks at intersections, feverishly watching the protected arrow with his foot quivering over the gas pedal. He's the cause of over 80% of collisions involving motorcycles.
Alterother, May 20 2012


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