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Subtlety-encouraging Musical Instruments

Including the auto-trombone
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This is a line of wind instruments with structures that position the sound projection opening so that it is aimed directly at the players ears. The auto trombone for instance is like that trombone with the bell bent up except that it comes all the way up and around, splits into two bells that fit over the head so that each bell is pointed directly into the players ears like a pair of headphones. This would encourage subtlety in playing and a lot more quiet gentility rather than loud brash bombast in the personality of players.
JesusHChrist, Jan 11 2016


       This would make a good sketch...
Ling, Jan 11 2016

       A standard joke in the brass band is that a "p" in the score stands for "power" (instead of piano). So yes, I can see the educational effects [+]. But on the other hand, half the fun of playing the trombone is to be able to shatter even the walls of Jericho [-]. And the sousaphone is even explicitly formed with its bell pointing forward to the audience instead of upward like the standard tuba. So there obviously is a need for producing and hearing a hell of a noise. I'd like to give this idea a bun *and* a bone - like a solid "mf" in musical notation.
Toto Anders, Jan 11 2016

       Not a single mention of ramjets, pshaw.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 11 2016


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