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Subway Anchor Hat

for stability for standing room only subway passengers
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So that they can use both hands to read the newspaper, smartphone- and- tablet-ludites should have anchor hats so that they can attach themselves by the hat to the overhead "handrails", and then read in peace with both hands while the subway driver breaks and accellerates to his hearts content.

No, just kidding about breaking, the anchor part of the anchor hat should be flexible and springy so that it would only hold your head in place as the train gently sways back and forth according to the angle of the trscks or the whim of the driver, not for any violent jerk or accident. This would oonly provide stabilizstion, not security with all of it discontents.

JesusHChrist, May 29 2013


       My backpack has an extendable handle - I'd much rather anchor *that*, just in case of a sudden stop.   

       sp. breaks -> brakes (you should neither drive nor write in public until you learn that one)
lurch, May 29 2013

       No, no, it is supposed to be break -- this is one of my dark, halucinagenic, ciggarette smoking influenced ideas.
JesusHChrist, May 29 2013

       On a less likely to lead to class actions front, you could just have a skateboard, with two long bits of string and plastic hooks. Put the hooks over the handrails, sit on skateboard.   

       When you reach your station, unclip, get off train, press button and string winds back into the spring-loaded bobbins(?) then skate off home.
not_morrison_rm, May 30 2013

       Oh yeah, or a subway hammock.
Private Boney Bunney, May 30 2013

       Perhaps a more effective solution would be a modified fall safety harness with D-rings and tethers at the shoulders rather than the waist.
Alterother, May 30 2013

       One solution would be the braking of the train is fed into a flywheel on the skateboards, enabling travellers to complete their journey all the way home, assuming it's not that far, or uphill.
not_morrison_rm, May 30 2013

JesusHChrist, May 31 2013


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