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Suck Rims

Rim design that help the car grip the road better.
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Imagine a RIm designed with the shape of a fan. Imagine a car designed with a plastic skirt close to the ground, so when the car goes at high speeds, the air sucked from underneath the car via the rims creates a ground-suck effect that stiks the car to the ground helping the wheels to grip the road better.
noyola, May 18 2009

Patent on exectly this idea http://www.patent-d...9/DE10213428A1.html
[loonquawl, May 18 2009]

Visuals of the idea (only for cooling, here) http://www.car-blog...er/saab_9x__002.jpg
[loonquawl, May 18 2009]

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       Can you reverse them to "blow" for short hops above deer and other obstacles?
DIYMatt, May 18 2009

       Hehe! good idea!... Let's put a Suck/Blow Switch on the dashboard! (this button will arise many questions, I believe)
noyola, May 18 2009

       There are rims designed to produce some airflow over the brake-discs, but generally, the rims are designed to have as low a drag as possible.   

       I guess a dedicated blower would be more fuel-efficient - it could even blow straight up, for more effect.   

       For prior art, see [link]
loonquawl, May 18 2009


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