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Thermo friendly glass

Double glass to help the car stays cool/hot
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Imagine a car with a double layared glass to keep the heat/cold out.

For example, in the doors the double system can be lowered independently. the inner glass can be tinted, so in nightime you lower it and gain visibility. this can also work with the sun roof.

noyola, May 18 2009

Double glazing for cars discussed. http://answers.yaho...070506113407AAACM6H
[spidermother, May 22 2009]

Picture of a car with one and a half pane glass http://www.autoblog.../tag/Rescue+worker/
[goldbb, May 22 2009]


       So you'd have to lower the tinted glass at night, just when it's getting cold?   

       Being firmly in the 'replace driver airbags with spikes' camp, I'm averse to anything that further insulates the driver from the real world.   

Twizz, May 22 2009

       Double glazing would have more use for cutting down on road noise. But they should be sealed. Operating the panes independently will create an annoying cleaning problem.
ldischler, May 22 2009

       [ ] glass is pretty heavy... maybe something to having a thin inner layer of lexar; just enough to keep air from circulating against the "main" pane.
FlyingToaster, May 22 2009

       Bentleys have double-paned glass. It's hard to find a picture of but something I noticed while looking at a Continental GT in a showroom. I assume they did it to make the interior quieter but it would work for heat&cold too.
DIYMatt, May 22 2009

       what about heat leakage through rest of the car ?
VJW, Jun 14 2011


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