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Total Re-vamp of the automobile

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Ok here is the deal, I am not a scientist,I am not a professor or even very well educated. I just have i deas.

Now for this idea i am adopting the basis car idea and changing a few key things,The idea is the same. some sort of frame and suspenion. but instead of wheels we use a tred covered sphere.. and inside that sphere we have in geocyntric patters around the inside of the sphere strips of magnets. each somewhat powerfull, Now the suspention is a bit different two north pole magnets placed inside a tube north to north this would become the shock absorber. and on the outside of that sphere we have sort of a fender but housed inside that fender would be a group of well placed electro magents that are similar to the ones used to propel the bullet trains of Japan..

For the control apature ... well that part comes from a video game control system... remember the golf games you would find in a local bar or pub.. the one you would push really hard to make it go.well think of that with a little difference.. you only have to push it forward slowly to go forward and if you push it all the way forward then it just speeds up the reversal of the pole's making the car go faster.. i dont know about drag or anything like that but i think this basic idea is strong. All this would be controlable by a computer no more powerfull than one built to play games on. oh and as for those sphere's for wheels those will enable you to turn at such sharp angles that paralle parking would be a thing of the past oh and i have ideas on an all wheels drive system for this so that it would be able to turn on a dime. I know someone out there gets the basic idea of this car... if so please dont steal this idea from me.. not like i can do anything about it but eh what ever

Oobi, Mar 14 2007

Audi RSQ http://www.audi.com...t/the_audi_rsq.html
A lesser site than there used to be [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 14 2007]

Spherical Drive http://www.me.gatech.edu/aimrl/motor.html
Some real tech [neutrinos_shadow, Mar 14 2007]

similar concepts http://www.h33.dk/opfhjul_index.en.html
[jhomrighaus, Mar 14 2007]

http://www.dansdata.com/magnets.htm This link has information on small rare earth magnets [Oobi, Mar 15 2007]

2004 Audi RSQ Concept http://seriouswheel...udi-RSQ-Concept.htm
[BJS, Mar 15 2007]

PEUGEOT n jooy http://seriouswheel...N-Jooy-1024x768.htm
[BJS, Mar 15 2007]

Scroll down to the last magnet http://www.supermag...hp?group=blocks_big
The magnet of death, drive a nail through your head [zeno, Mar 16 2007]


       From what I can tell, this sounds like that Audi in the movie "I Robot." [-] for originality and writing.
discontinuuity, Mar 14 2007

       i dont think i have seen that movie but cool either way.. brb google here i come
Oobi, Mar 14 2007

       //and inside that sphere we have in geocyntric patters around the inside of the sphere strips of magnets. each somewhat powerfull,//   

       I don't understand this or a lot else - you need to explain more clearly (spelling and grammar aside).   

       Is the general idea to have a car which is magnetically supported on spherical wheels? And the wheels are driven by electromagnets in the car's body?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2007

       that looks nice but mine has sphere's in place of wheels... so that it could travel in any direction.   

Oobi, Mar 14 2007

       yes Maxwell that is the general idea
Oobi, Mar 14 2007

       Audi did have a great website about the RSQ from I, Robot, but sadly the site is now about the latest quattro (I dunno why they kept the 'rsqaudi.com' domain for it). The link is the best I could get.
<large acronym warning> WICTTISITMWIBNIIWR </law> See links for useful related stuff.
neutrinos_shadow, Mar 14 2007

       [Oobi] - OK, and it's not a bad idea although it seems to have been thought of before in some respects.   

       But, you will continue to get hammered here for lousy writing and lack clarity. People here (not myself particularly) put a lot of effort into explaining their ideas clearly and cleverly. What is "geocyntric", and what's a "control apature"?   

       You'll also get grilled over technical points, if it's a serious idea. For instance, how much energy would your magnetic suspension waste?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2007

       The biggest issue I can see right off is how do you build a spherical tire that will meet the handling needs of an automobile that must operate on conventional roadways, with potholes, bridge seams curbs and other obstacles. Tire and tread design is a very sophisticated endeavor and I am unsure as to how you could convert to a spherical layout and still control everything.
jhomrighaus, Mar 14 2007

       True, but modern treads have grooves at various angles - I reckon a workable spherical version could be devised.   

       The real problem would be, though, that you're entirely dependent on the electromagnets for lateral stability. When the car is cornering hard (assuming the tyres grip) the electromagnets will have to be powerful enough to stop the spherical wheel from "rolling" sideways. This will be made doubly difficult because, at the same time, they have to be driving (or at least not impeding) the wheel in normal rotation. I don't think you could achieve this combination and, if you could, the electromagnets would be huge and would eat power.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2007

       Like i said i am not a scientist or anything like that and i dont have stats on power useage or resistance or anything like that i was just thinking and poof thats what came to me... i dont know how possible this is but i like the idea.The steering would be 2 fist sized spheres in the cabin of the car one on each arm rest . each one controls the same function only on seperate sets of spheres "front and rear" This would be usefull in parking in tight spots as well as showing off for your friends by turning so tight that you spin on your cars axis. fun for all
Oobi, Mar 14 2007

       //This is why cannot use a bigger magnet to pull a nail through your hand.// Actually, I'm pretty sure you can, 'slong as it's a really big magnet.   

       //[MaxwellBuchanan], the magnets WOULD be big. smaller and more efficient than an engine though.// Well, [Oobi] if you have no idea on power useage, or resistance or anything like that, how on earth do you know they would be "smaller and more efficient than an engine"?   

       And use Shift at least, mate. We're taking the trouble to read your idea and annotate it, least you could do would be to use the odd capital letter?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 14 2007

       I'll try to use capitol letters and punctuation. Doesnt mean i will succeed.
Oobi, Mar 15 2007

       There are several problems with this idea:   

       1. There is no physical connection between the wheels and the car. If the electromagnets turn off for any reason, the wheels will either come off or run into the wheel wells unless you have some kind of bearings as a fail-safe.   

       2. Power consuption would be more than a regular electric car.   

       3. The wheels would be a lot heavier than a regular car, which would ruin the handling.   

       4. The round tires would have a smaller contact patch unless the spheres are really big.   

       So, I don't think this would be a good idea for a car, but it might be good for a small robot that needs to roll around in different directions. Actually, I think some MIT students did something like this a while ago.
discontinuuity, Mar 15 2007

       thats true, but your not going to fit an MRI into the wheel well of a car.
jhomrighaus, Mar 15 2007

       Thats kind of funny that Cawwot said "the magnets WOULD be big. smaller and more efficient than an engine though." to MaxwellBuchana and he thought that Oobi said it, except its not funny.
BJS, Mar 15 2007

       Ah yes - you are quite right - my apologies to Oobi.
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2007

       Setting aside the question of whether they would be strong enough, or propulsion for that matter: If you had permanent magnets on both wheel and wheel wells, would the levitation cost anything, in terms of energy?
TheLightsAreOnBut, Mar 15 2007

       I dont know but my best guess is no,
Oobi, Mar 15 2007

       there would be a resistance to rotation.
jhomrighaus, Mar 15 2007

       //electro magents that are similar to the ones used to propel the bullet trains of Japan..// The Shinkansen are regular electric trains - what is so special about the magents?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Mar 15 2007

       The French TGV is a conventional train, too.   

       [Raspberry] may be mistaken that the wheels must weigh more than conventional wheels. These things are spheres, essentially very heavy-duty rubber balls. They get heavier when we stick on a bunch of magnets to permit driving them, but I still think we're not looking at a big increase in mass. Also, for an omnidirectional tread, think soccer ball.   

       Handling is a function of several factors, including unsprung weight. Well, in this we have a new paradigm: the only unsprung weight is the tire itself. There are no suspension components that physically connect the tire to the car.   

       For your maglev system, use a Halbach array of rare earth mags in the tire's structure. You'll need bearings to land on, but the system lifts off at just a few KPH. You may be able to drive the wheel via driving loops among the static lifting loops, using the wheel itself as your motor armature.   

       Imagine the silence of this ride: with no solid link between the wheels and the passenger cabin, physical conduction of noise can be minimized to a level heretofore only dreamt of by autistic engineers.   

       Oh, and (-) - omnidirectional steering and different control systems are all old ideas, rejected for assorted good reasons. Sorry. Nice try, though.
elhigh, Mar 15 2007

       Do you mean audio engineers or autistic engineers?
discontinuuity, Mar 15 2007

       Artistic engineers?
BJS, Mar 15 2007

       A twisted Indian ear?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 15 2007

       'the system lifts off at just a few KPH'- and only by a few millimetres. You have a bad day when the first custard filled speed bump you hit rubs out all your nice magnets.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 16 2007

       Ever try to force to like poled magnets together..It's almost impossible with small magnets lets alone with very large powerfull magnets..magnet force can be very strong..just ask my wife.
Oobi, Mar 16 2007

       Exactly. It would need some form of suspension or something else WILL give/fly to peices when you hit any kind of bump.
the dog's breakfast, Mar 16 2007

       I'm going to go back to tyres. There's an issue of the tyres rolling allong grooves in the road, but that's not insurmountable - motorbikes get by quite happily. My problem is with the tread.   

       [elhigh] mentioned soccer-balls. Not good enough. You can get plenty of grip on treadless tyres - that's why racing cars run on slicks. The problem is in the wet. The tyres are required to pump water through the grooves and out to the sides of the tyres. They've come a long way, and tyres can pump away a hell of a lot of water really fast. But that's because they're designed to go in a single direction on a single axis.   

       If they can roll in an arbitrary fashion, I don't see how you could design the tyre to remove the water from under the rubber - you'll be in a wall on the first wet road.   

       Also, you'd need to change the tyres somehow (unless you plan to change the wheels at the same time)...
Defiler, Mar 16 2007

       I can't help picturing this car with a low-cut dress and expensive perfume.   

       From [zeno]'s link: "We call this magnet the DEATH MAGNET. I have no idea what you can reasonably do with this magnet - it is simply too intense for most any use." Anyone here not want one after reading that?
spidermother, Mar 16 2007

       Also, you'd need to change the tyres somehow (unless you plan to change the wheels at the same time)...   

       one piece usnit wheel and tire all one unit with magnets installed
Oobi, Mar 16 2007

       I want one of those, Its the perfect toy.
jhomrighaus, Mar 16 2007

       This sounds like a perfect half-baked idea. [+]
acurafan07, Mar 16 2007


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