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A croissant-shaped plastic sachet divided into 3 compartments, each insulated from its neighbour and having its own flip-cap feeding tube. Your selected SuckerMunch™ gives you one main course, one dessert and one drink, from a menu of various suitable pre-filled combinations. Useful for utensil- and mess-free feeding in transit and easily disposed of at the end of the journey. Comes with adjustable neck strap for laptop users.
Phrontistery, Jul 31 2012

Inspired by Food_20vending_20on_20buses
[Phrontistery, Jul 31 2012]


       I recently noted that the word "sucker", as applied to certain candies, is inappropriate. By definition of "suck" and variants thereof, a "sucker" is something that actively sucks something else. And the "something else" should properly be called a "suckee". So, babies are suckers, and teats are suckees. OK?
Vernon, Aug 01 2012

       It could be the official go to food for the bakery. I like.+
blissmiss, Aug 01 2012


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