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Toll Booth Snacks

Automated limited-menu roadside vending machines
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There should be a special Snack-Toll lane, or booths on the side of the highways.

A limited menu consisting of coffee, cold beverages, pastries and prepackaged sandwiches is kept fresh and accessible to the driver side window. The driver pulls in to the vending booth, and sensors track what food he or she takes, and a computer reads the toll transponder. The food is kept either hot or cold behind glass doors which only unlock if the transponder is read, or a credit card is used. The toll account or credit card is automatically charged for the food taken.

If these are placed on a toll highway, there could be a food lane in addition to the cash and transponder lanes.

Simply pull into the food lane, grab a quick snack, and try not to crash as you talk on your cell phone while changing lanes, taking notes on your pda and sipping your steaming hot coffee.

gabe, Jul 05 2004


       I thought these were called motorway service stations or sumtin.
skinflaps, Jan 27 2006

       Yeah, why not? For those fast stops it would be probably faster than a regular highway diner.
PauloSargaco, Nov 30 2007

       Perhaps you throw your money into the basket coin-collector thingy, and a catapult launches a doughnut/burger/jet of scalding hot coffee through the driver's window.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Nov 30 2007


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