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Sucker Punch 2

dissolved suckers
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Ok, so I saw "Sucker Punch", and this being the HalfBakery tried to imagine what the Idea would be about, before clicking on it, and guessed wildly wrong. Which therefore means this is Different and can be posted, too, heh.

Take a punch bowl, typically used for mixing drink concoctions, and start with water. Then add a lot of suckers, the kind of candy that kids suck on. Each sucker needs to dangle from its handle into the water (bend handle over edge of punch bowl). Let them dissolve, then remove the bare handles and serve the punch.

Vernon, Sep 22 2009


       Back in elementary, we used to get lollipops from the teachers. Then we would run outside to the water fountain, fill up our paper cups with water, and then dip the suckers into the water before sucking on them. Why exactly we did this I don't know. But I do remember that when we were finished, we would then drink the sugary, artificially colored saliva/water out of the cup. It was disgusting.   

       Separate comment: during the party, you can toss some spare teeth into the punch bowl and watch them dissolve!
DrWorm, Sep 22 2009

       Reminds me of Skittles vodka. Not a good idea, in case you were wondering.
wagster, Sep 22 2009

       Skittles vodka is an amazing idea, second only to vodka icing sugar.
kaz, Sep 23 2009


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