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The ULTIMATE slushie

Taking brainfreeze to a whole new level
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The ULTIMATE slusie comes in all the normal slushie flavors (with cool names) with a few differences. 1st difference: it comes in a larger thick plastic cup (you'll see why in a minute) 2nd difference- ONLY a glove- wearing vendor will serve these drinks. And the biggest differnce is that in the mixer, the slushie compartment will be 1/2 a cm away form a compartment of super- cooling DRY ICE! The DRY ICE will super-cool the drink to extreme coldness in a few hours. Note: the DRY ICE compartment will be located inside the machine. It will also be triple- quadri leak-proofed to avoid any 'Nuclear Lemon nuclear meltdowns.' Another note: most recommended for Death Valley, California residents (where the deer and the antelope skulls play...) Yum.
croissantz, Oct 05 2004


       // It will also be triple- quadri leak-proofed to avoid any 'Nuclear Lemon nuclear meltdowns.' //   

       Nobody in their right minds would want to avoid a nuclear lemon nuclear meltdown.
spiritualized, Oct 09 2004

       "Ouch" is what the consumer would want to say, but couldn't if this worked as you would like...frostbitten tongue.   

       Is it still mostly sugar and water like a typical slush? If so, wouldn't it cease to be slushy if it got too cold?
half, Oct 09 2004

       "Salty Vodka Blast", I wonder what that tastes like?
Laughs Last, Oct 09 2004

       Like a slap 'round the chops.
spiritualized, Oct 09 2004

       Ooh, can I get "Liquid Nitrogen Tooth Explosion"? Can I, huh? Can I, can I, can I, oh pleeeeeeze?
And who says Death Valley is the thirstiest place on Earth?
Canuck, Oct 09 2004

       P.S. Remember what you learned in high school? DRY ICE mixed with water creates explosive gas. In other words, slushies have water in them. In other other words, BOOM.
croissantz, Oct 09 2004

       What explosive gas is created by mixing dry ice with water?
contracts, Oct 10 2004

       Why CO2 of course
swimr, Oct 10 2004

       I remember what I learned at school: dry ice makes drinks taste funny. (Yes, we have tried this at home; no, the results were somewhat less than explosive.)
DrCurry, Oct 10 2004

       So that's how the fire-eaters blow big gouts of flame . . . they just exhale!   

       [DrCurry], I once plunked a small chunk of dry ice into a Kahlua and Cream to garner a spooky concoction. The cream bubbled over. It was more messy than spooky - - but delicious nonetheless.
contracts, Oct 11 2004


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