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Suit Steaming Bag

De-Wrinkler/Freshener SuitBag
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This would look like a suit carrying bag which you carry your suit in, but at the bottom it would have a small unit which would dispense steam and scent when plugged in, to freshen up the suit and remove wrinkles and creases. The interior of the suit bag would have clips attached by elastic bands, which would be clipped to end points on the suit, and which would draw the suit taught when the suit bag was inflated by the steam.

This device could be used by traveling business people, to enable them to have fresh-looking clothes to wear even while traveling. Once the suit has been placed in the suit bag with clips properly attached, the bag would then be hung up and the unit on the bottom of it filled with water and plugged in. Optional scent drops could be added to the water to scent the suit. The unit would shut off automatically by timer.

sanman, Jun 08 2013


       Have you bought an old suit at a thrift shop and subjected it to this steam treatment?   

       How does the water leave the suit or do you put it on wet in the morning?
popbottle, Jun 08 2013

       You beat me to it, [pops]. I was also thinking about the possibility of mildew on longer voyages, or if you're like me and only have one respectable dual-occasion suit that has only been pressed once and yet still has razor creases.
Alterother, Jun 09 2013

       The Suitbag can have vents for the steam to bleed out from. Once you've finished steaming your suit with it, then you fully unzip it to remove your suit, and leave it fully open to fully dry off. Just as there are shower curtains with anti-mildew properties, likewise the inner lining could similarly block mold or mildew growth.
sanman, Jun 09 2013


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