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Programmable sun-seeking turntable for optimal tanning
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I'm sick of getting up every half hour or so to turn the chaise so it faces the sun while I'm trying to catch some rays. A lazy susan turntable in the patio with programmable intelligence would follow the path of the sun at any time of the year depending on the latitude and let me really relax. AAAAhhhhh!
Rm Brz, May 28 2006

Hemingway Conveyor Hemingway_20Conveyer
Same thing for cats. [st3f, May 28 2006]


       The conveyor, while great, is linear - the confines of an interior with a window creates a need for a simple straight pull (although it too changes by the seasons). When one is outside, (and actually all the time,) the sun follows a curve that can be exactly programmed for optimal use- just like the way planetariums set their telescopes, or solar panels are oriented. Oh, and of course it would be solar-powered.
Rm Brz, May 28 2006


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