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Sun Shaded Eyelid Implants

replaceable implant window for eye protection
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This would be an implanted mirrored sun- glasses window into the eyelid, so that you could close your eyes and still see through the eyelids, so you could protect your eyes from salt, wind etc, but still see through them, just with everything darkened. For sleep there would be opaque lenses.
JesusHChrist, Aug 13 2008

Nictating membrane http://en.wikipedia.../Nictating_membrane
Some animals have it already [8th of 7, Aug 13 2008]

Mirrored contact lenses Mirrored_20contact_20lenses
[hippo, Aug 13 2008]


       Once you get past the yick factor it's a neat idea.   

       <contemplates perscription lids for diving>   


       Not a bad idea, though. [+]
8th of 7, Aug 13 2008

       Why not mirrored lenses for when your eyes are open? It's gonna suck the first time someone wearing these gets punched in the eye. Or they lose the opaque ones and have to try to sleep with their eyes "open".
phoenix, Aug 14 2008

       I like it in principal, and somebody is bound to be the first to do it, but it won't be me.
normzone, Aug 14 2008


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